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* add git-version-gen and gitlog-to-changelogAlon Levy2012-10-191-0/+22
* build-sys: remove cegui/slirp and mandatory client from dist-checkMarc-André Lureau2012-07-161-2/+0
* Use the spice-common submoduleMarc-André Lureau2012-03-251-8/+10
* build-sys: use spice-protocol as submoduleMarc-André Lureau2012-03-011-0/+1
* build-sys: cleanup, use autoreconfMarc-André Lureau2012-03-011-0/+2
* Adding support to automated testsFabiano Fidêncio2012-02-141-1/+1
* add SASL and smartcard to distcheck flagsChristophe Fergeau2011-07-221-1/+1
* client: make building client optionalChristophe Fergeau2011-05-021-1/+5
* Make distcheck workAlexander Larsson2010-07-081-0/+2
* Generate marshaller/demarshallers for old protocolAlexander Larsson2010-06-221-1/+1
* Add python code to automake systemAlexander Larsson2010-06-181-1/+3
* rename spice.pc to spice-server.pcAlexander Larsson2010-03-241-2/+2
* fresh startYaniv Kamay2009-10-141-0/+7