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-<chapter xmlns=""
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- xmlns:xlink="" version="5.0">
- <title>Spice Guest Additions</title>
- <section xml:id="generic-guest">
- <title>Introduction</title>
- <para>
- While you will be able to remotely access your virtual machine
- through Spice without making any change to the virtual machine
- configuration, you can get better integration if you tweak it
- specially for Spice.
- </para>
- <para>
- If your virtual machine has a QXL video device and you install
- the corrresponding guest driver, your guest will support higher
- resolutions, multiple monitors, resizing to arbitrary resolutions,
- ...
- </para>
- <para>
- Installing the Spice vdagent in your guest will let you copy and
- paste between your guest and client OSes, to drag and drop files
- between the 2 OSes, ... In order for the agent to work, your
- virtual machine must have a virtio serial device (and the
- corresponding guest drivers) as well as a Spice spicevmc channel.
- </para>
- </section>
- <section xml:id="windows-guest">
- <title>Windows Guest</title>
- <para>
- The recommended way of getting all the needed drivers installed is
- to use the all-in-one Spice guest tools installer which can be
- found <link xlink:href="">
- on</link>.
- </para>
- <para>
- To get USB redirection working on Windows, you need to ...
- </para>
- <para>
- If you want to manually install them, the QXL driver can be downloaded from
- <link xlink:href="">this location
- </link>, agent builds can be found
- <link xlink:href="">here
- </link>. You also need the vioserial driver which is distributed with the
- other <link xlink:href="">
- virtio-win drivers</link>.
- </para>
- </section>