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You may need additional services running in the client, such as the
Spice USB Clerk service on Windows.
+CAC smartcard redirection
+Spice has a dedicated channel for smartcard redirection, using
+libcacard, which currently supports limited CAC emulation.
+You may consider redirecting your USB card reader instead. This is
+easier to setup but will prevent from sharing the smartcard with both
+the client and the remote simultaneously.
+libcacard is actually emulating a simple CAC card, sharing the card
+and its certificates. It can successfully be used with the coolkey
+PKCS#11 module.
+.Using virt-manager
+In the hardware details, click on "Add Hardware", then select
+"Smartcard". Add a "passthrough" device type.
+.Using libvirt
+Setup a "passthrough" smartcard of type "spicevmc" on a CCID
+<controller type='ccid' index='0'/>
+<smartcard mode='passthrough' type='spicevmc'>
+ <address type='ccid' controller='0' slot='0'/>
+.Using QEMU
+With the qemu command line, you must add a USB CCID device, and a
+"ccid-card-passthru" associated with a "spicevmc" channel with the
+name "smartcard":
+-device usb-ccid -chardev spicevmc,name=smartcard -device ccid-card-passthru,chardev=ccid
+In order for the client certificates to be shared with the remote, you
+need a NSS database configured to access the smartcard. Please look
+for instructions on coolkey or NSS setup and make sure you certficates
+can be listed with certutil.
+Most Spice clients disable smartcard support by default, and
+need `--spice-smartcard` or similar configuration.
Multiple monitor support