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+Major changes in 0.5.2:
+This is the first release of the unstable 0.5.x series leading up to 0.6.
+With this release the API of spice-server is considered stable, but
+the network protocol and QXL PCI ABI are still unstable.
+The major changes compared to the 0.4 series are:
+* New, more efficient network protocol
+* Support for offscreen surfaces in guest driver
+* New spice-server API
+* A marshalling/demarshalling system that isolates the network
+ protocol parsing from the internal types
+* A PCI parsing and validation layer making it easier to
+ get backwards compatibility, cleaning up the internals ans
+ makes security review easier.
+* WAN support, including lossy compression using jpeg and
+ zlib compression.
+* Easier to build. No more dependencies on forked versions
+ of pixman and cairo. Separate module spice-protocol containing
+ headers used when building drivers and qemu.