BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developAdd systemd unit timeout for tor service and cleanup old tasksMatthieu Saulnier42 hours
masterUpdate inventory hosts fileMatthieu Saulnier5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 daysUpdate inventory hosts fileHEADmasterMatthieu Saulnier2-0/+4
5 daysFix template in dnsserver roleMatthieu Saulnier2-6/+10
5 daysFix pkgs and services list for Centos hosts in common roleMatthieu Saulnier2-2/+30
5 daysFix condition for yum and dnf config tasksMatthieu Saulnier2-6/+1
5 daysFix repos configuration and conditions in common roleMatthieu Saulnier3-10/+18
9 daysRemove is_ host variable in torrelay roleMatthieu Saulnier20-54/+90
10 daysUse host variables in tor config file templateMatthieu Saulnier9-34/+46
10 daysUpdate mock config in clients role and fix modesMatthieu Saulnier9-202/+144
10 daysAdd tag for repo config tasks in common roleMatthieu Saulnier1-0/+8
10 daysTemplate for local mirror in common roleMatthieu Saulnier10-67/+62