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* Removal of version numbers from jar file namesMatthew Harmsen2012-10-291-12/+2
* Merged pki-silent into pki-server.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-10-072-12/+10
* Using RPM version number in CMake.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-10-011-1/+2
* Added VERSION file.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-09-282-0/+11
* Merged pki-native-tools and pki-java-tools.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-08-291-1/+1
* Updated the remaining build scripts.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-08-151-52/+43
* SE_BAD_FIELD, MIGHT_IGNORE , STATIC_INNER_CLASSAbhishek Koneru2012-07-102-7/+5
* LeftOver Cases in Resource Leaks and NULL_RETURNSAbhishek Koneru2012-07-021-8/+3
* Fixes for Guarded_By_Violation issues shown in CoverityAbhishek Koneru2012-07-021-2/+2
* Fix for handling null object value passed to DBAttrMapper as part of Coverity...Abhishek Koneru2012-06-291-1/+1
* Fixes for Forward Null Cases in Coverity for DogTag10Abhishek Koneru2012-06-293-6/+11
* Fixes for Resource Leaks shown in Coverity for DogTag 10Abhishek Koneru2012-06-2111-227/+534
* Fixed null pointer exception in pkisilent on connection error.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-06-187-153/+175
* Fixes for Coverity issues of type Stringbuffer, NO_EQUALS_METHOD , REVERSE_IN...Abhishek Koneru2012-06-151-0/+25
* Fixes for NULL_RETURNS Coverity Issues - Part 2Abhishek Koneru2012-06-143-37/+21
* Patch with fixes for review comments 0529Abhishek Koneru2012-06-011-3/+1
* Fixes for Coverity Issues CALL_SUPER,UNCONFIRMEDCAST,DEAD_STORE,TOSTRING_ARRAYAbhishek Koneru2012-06-013-4/+4
* Patch for fixes for Review CommentsAbhishek Koneru2012-05-244-9/+4
* Fixes for Coverity Defects of Category : FB.SBSC_USE_STRINGBUFFER_CONCATENATI...Abhishek Koneru2012-05-245-45/+44
* Fixes for Coverity Defects of Category : FB.DM_NUMBER_CTOR, FB.DM_STRING_CTOR...Abhishek Koneru2012-05-243-21/+9
* Fixes for Coverity Defects of Category : FB.BC_VACUOUS_INSTANCEOFAbhishek Koneru2012-05-241-3/+2
* Removed unused private fields.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-04-1210-24/+43
* Removed unnecessary type casts.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-04-096-16/+14
* Removed whitespaces from Java code.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-04-0936-372/+372
* Replaced deprecated DataInputStream.readLine().Endi Sukma Dewata2012-03-282-30/+28
* Replaced deprecated XMLSerializer.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-03-271-8/+13
* Removed unnecessary pki folder.Endi Sukma Dewata2012-03-2650-0/+26368