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Simplified the configuration file using defaults.
Previously to create a subsystem the admin would have to copy the entire default deployment configuration, which contains many parameters, and then customize it. Now the deployment code has been changed such that the default config file will be used to provide the default values, so the admin will only need to provide the non-default parameters, thus reducing the size of the file. Sample configuration files are provided in /usr/share/pki/ deployment/config. Ticket #399
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@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ PKIDESTROY_EPILOG =\
" The default PKI instance path will be calculated and placed in front\n"\
" of the mandatory '-i <instance>' parameter, and the values that reside\n"\
-" in a copy of the 'pkideployment.cfg' file that was most recently used\n"\
+" in deployment configuration file that was most recently used\n"\
" by this instance's 'pkispawn' (or 'pkispawn -u') command will be\n"\
" utilized by 'pkidestroy' to remove this instance.\n\n"\
" Finally, if an optional '-p <prefix>' is defined, this value WILL be\n"\