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Added AuthMapping annotation.ticket-474-6
A new AuthMapping annotation has been added to configure the required authentication methods to acces each REST method. The annotation maps each method into a list of authentication methods in For security reason, most REST methods that require authentication have been configured to require client certificate authentication. Authentication using username and password will only be used to get installation token from the security domain. Previously the files were used to store ACL mappings. Now the ACL mappings have been moved into Ticket #477
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+# Restful API authorization mapping info
+# Format:
+# <mapping name> = <resource ID>,<operation>
+# ex: admin.users =,read
+account.login =,login
+account.logout =,logout
+admin.users =,execute
+admin.groups =,execute
+admin.kraconnector =,modify
+agent.certrequests =,execute
+agent.certs =,execute
+securityDomain.installToken = certServer.securitydomain.domainxml,read