tag namev2.3_beta1 (9599e8dbb0bee9fb5cd2a111a44beceb4ffc6581)
tag date2012-09-12 16:12:58 +0200
tagged byDavid Sommerseth <>
tagged objectcommit 6abd293e5c...
Arne Schwabe (7): Fixes error: --key fails with EXTERNAL_PRIVATE_KEY: No such file or directory if --management-external-key is used Merge almost identical create_socket_tcp and create_socket_tcp6 Document the inlining of files in openvpn and document key-direction Merge getaddr_multi and getaddr6 into one function Document --management-client and --management-signal a bit better Document that keep alive will double the second value in server mode and give a short explanation why the value is chosen. Add checks for external-key-managements David Sommerseth (1): Fix reconnect issues when --push and UDP is used on the server Gert Doering (4): Reduce --version string detail about IPv6 to just "[IPv6]". Put actual OpenVPN command line on top of corresponding log file. Keep pre-existing tun/tap devices around on *BSD make "ipv6 ifconfig" on linux compatible with busybox ifconfig Heiko Hund (6): fix regression with --http-proxy[-*] options add x_msg_va() log function add API for plug-ins to write to openvpn log remove stale _openssl_get_subject() prototype remove unused flag SSLF_NO_NAME_REMAPPING Add --compat-names option -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) iEYEABECAAYFAlBQmIEACgkQDC186MBRfrp1oQCghrSdrgYLye7wWOFLCu65NkFB aswAnj+1m49AsCB9ChDXMcRFn48egvVY =Pobe -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----