tag namev2.3_alpha2 (1d53dfdad37335d737e9a082c7318c7f8b41c8c7)
tag date2012-06-29 15:55:31 +0200
tagged byDavid Sommerseth <>
tagged objectcommit dc73460093...
2012.06.29 -- Version 2.3_alpha2
Adriaan de Jong (11): Fixed off-by-one in serial length calculation Migrated x509_get_subject to use of the garbage collector Migrated x509_get_serial to use the garbage collector Migrated x509_get_sha1_hash to use the garbage collector Ensure sys/un.h autoconf detection includes sys/socket.h Added support for new PolarSSL 1.1 RNG Added a configuration option to enable prediction resistance in the PolarSSL random number generator. Use POLARSSL_CFLAGS instead of POLARSSL_CRYPTO_CFLAGS in Removed support for PolarSSL < 1.1 Updated README.polarssl with build system changes. Removed stray "Fox-IT hardening" string. Alon Bar-Lev (94): build: version should not contain '-' package: rpm: strip should be handled by package management cleanup: options.c: remove redundant include cleanup: remove C++ warnings cleanup: win32.c: wrong printf format cleanup: remove redundant ';' cleanup: crypto_openssl.c: remove support for pre-openssl-0.9.6 cleanup: tun.c: fix incorrect option in message (ip-win32) cleanup: memcmp.c: remove unused source fixup: init.c: add missing conditional for ENABLE_CLIENT_CR build: correct place to alter WINVER is at build system Update .gitignore build: handle printf style format in mingw build: rename plugin directory to plugins build: plugins: properly use CC, CFLAGS and LDFLAGS build: we need the sample.ovpn in future Remove install-win32 Remove easy-rsa Remove tap-win32 cleanup: rename tap-windows function from win32 to win build: remove windows specific build system build: split acinclude.m4 into m4/* build: m4/ax_varargs.m4: cleanup build: m4/ax_emptyarray.m4: cleanup build: m4/ax_socklen_t.m4: cleanup build: autotools: first pass of trivial autotools changes build: autoconf: remove OPENVPN_ADD_LIBS useless macro build: remove awk and non-standard autoconf output processing build: standard directory layout build: add libtool + windows resources for executables build: autoconf: commands as environment build: libdl usage build: properly detect and use socket libs build: autoconf: minor cleanups build: proper selinux detection and usage build: distribute pkg.m4 build: proper pkcs11-helper detection and usage build: properly process lzo-stub build: proper lzo detection and usage build: proper crypto detection and usage build: autoconf: update defaults for options build: win-msvc: msbuild format build: move out config.h include from syshead build: split out compat build: move gettimeofday() emulation to compat build: move daemon() emulation into compat build: move inet_ntop(), inet_pton() emulation into compat cleanup: move console related function into its own module build: move wrappers into platform module build: windows: install to allow installer read version build: distribute samples in windows build: use tap-windows.h as external dependency build: ax_varargs.m4: fixups build: autoconf: misc sockets fixups build: enable lzo by default build: windows: set vendor to openvpn project + cleanups build: assume dlfcn is available on all supported platforms build: openbsd: detect netinet/ip.h correctly build: tap: search for tap header build: msvc: upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 + fixups Enable pedantic in windows compilation cleanup: flags should not be bool cleanup: avoid using ~0 - generic cleanup: avoid using ~0 - ipv6 cleanup: avoid using ~0 - netmask cleanup: avoid using ~0 - windows cleanup: gc usage build: fix some statement left from conversion build: properly detect netinet/ip.h structs build: properly detect TUNSETPERSIST cleanup: plugin: support C++ plugin cleanup: remove C++ comments cleanup: add .gitattributes to control eol style explicitly crash: packet_id_debug_print: sl may be null build: use stdbool.h if available build: fix typo in --enable-save-password build: windows: convert resources to UTF-8 build: check minimum polarssl version cleanup: update .gitignore cleanup: spec: make space/tab consistent build: spec: we support openssl >= 0.9.7 build: insall README* document using build system build: detect sys/wait.h required for *bsd build: add git revision to --version output if build from git repository build: cleanup: yet another forgotten brackets build: update INSTALL to recent changes build: support platforms that does not need explicit tun headers build: do not support <polarssl-1.1.0 build: add --with-special-build to provide special build string cleanup: pkcs11.c: resolve wanings build: integrate plugins build into core build build: plugins: set defaults based on platform cleanup: windows: convert argv (UCS-2 to UTF-8) at earliest build: msvc: chdir with change drive to script location Arne Schwabe (7): Add the query to the error message. Explain that route-nopull also causes the client to ignore dhcp options. Add the name of the context where option is not allowed to the error message. Only use tmpdir if tmp_dir is really used. Completely remove ancient IANA port warning. Remove ENABLE_INLINE_FILES conditionals Remove ENABLE_CONNECTIONS ifdefs David Sommerseth (5): Clean-up: Presume that Linux is always IPv6 capable at build time Simplify check_cmd_access() function Change version to indicate the master branch is not a version Some filesystems don't like ':', which is a path 'make dist' would use Remove two unused functions Frank de Brabander (1): Fix reported compile issues on OSX 10.6.8 Gert Doering (10): repair test after build system revolution iproute2 script fixes - fix for iproute2, print summary line Implement search for "first free" tun/tap device on Solaris cleanup and redefine metric handling for IPv6 routes remove "*option" element in "struct route_ipv6" Remove warning about explicit support for IPv6 support not provided MacOS X Add missing pieces to IPv6 route gateway handling. Update TODO.IPv6 list Remove #include "config.h" from ssl_polarssl.h Heiko Hund (3): remove wrapper code for Windows CryptoAPI function fix warnings in event.c when building for win32-64 remove the --auto-proxy option from openvpn Igor Novgorodov (1): Remove calls to OpenSSL when building with --disable-ssl Jonathan K. Bullard (2): Fix file access checks on commands Clarified the docs and help screen about what a 'cmd' is Samuli Seppänen (1): Added notes about upgrading from 2.3-alpha1 and earlier to INSTALL-win32.txt -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) iEYEABECAAYFAk/ts9MACgkQDC186MBRfrokvACfeK/88SiIPHfljW8dLn1F7h7b wsIAn2oo1GoN/a/yk/AkmIDlKrlLmilp =7L2b -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----