tag namev2.3-alpha1 (805d693a717145401b905b90996a81faf9ec5993)
tag date2012-02-21 11:55:58 +0100
tagged byDavid Sommerseth <>
tagged objectcommit d3ae271f71...
2012.02.21 -- Version 2.3-alpha1
Adriaan de Jong (127): Added Doxygen doxyfile Changed configure to accept --with-ssl-type=openssl Refactored to rand_bytes for OpenSSL-independency Refactored OpenSSL-specific constants Refactored maximum cipher and hmac length constants Refactored show_available_* functions Refactored SSL_clear_error() Refactored crypto initialisation functions Refactored DES key manipulation functions Refactored NTLM DES key generation Refactored message digest type functions Refactored message digest functions Refactored HMAC functions Refactored cipher key types Refactored cipher functions Added PRNG doxygen Refactored: Moved crypto.h inline functions to end of file Removed stale OpenSSL defines from crypto.h Added a check for Openssl or PolarSSL defines Refactored: Added stubs for new files Refactored SSL initialisation functions Refactored TLS_PRF to new hmac and md primitives Refactored tls_show_available_ciphers Refactored get_highest_preference_tls_cipher Refactored root SSL context initialisation Refactored new external key code Refactored DH paramater loading Refactored root TLS option settings Refactored PKCS#12 key loading Refactored PKCS#11 loading Refactored windows cert loading Refactored load certificate functions Refactored private key loading code Refactored external key loading from management Refactored CA and extra certs code Refactored cipher restriction code Refactored tls_options, key_state, and key_source data structures Refactored initalisation of key_states Refactored key_state free code Refactored print_details Refactored key_state read code (including bio_read()) Refactored key_state write functions Refactored: Moved BIO debug functions to OpenSSL backend Refactored: removed ks and ks_lame macro for clarity Refactored: moved write_empty_string function back Refactored Doxygen for tls_multi functions Migrated data structures needed by verification functions to ssl_common.h Refactored client_config_dir_exclusive function Refactored certificate hash lock checks Refactored common name locking functions Refactored username and password authentication code Add some extra comments Refactored: split verify_callback into two parts Added function to extract and verify the subject from a certificate Added function to verify and extract the username Refactored: removed global x509_username_field Refactored: separated environment setup during verification Refactored: Netscape certificate type verification Refactored key usage verification code Refactored EKU verification Refactored tls-remote checking Refactored tls-verify-plugin code Refactored tls-verify script code Refactored CRL checks Minor cleanup in verify_cert: Refactored: Moved verify_cert to ssl_verify Cleaned up ssl.h Refactored: made M_SSL dependent on USE_OPENSSL Refactored: renamed X509 functions from verify_* Separated OpenSSL-specific parts of the PKCS#11 driver Modified base64 code in preparation for PolarSSL merge Final cleanup before PolarSSL addition: Refactored X509 track feature to be contained within the openssl backend Added PolarSSL support: Fixed a missing include in ssl_backend.h Fixed a bug in the hash generation in ssl_verify_openssl.c Added SHA_DIGEST_SIZE definition Changed PolarSSL crypto backend to support v0.99-pre5 Updated ssl_polarssl.c to work with 0.99-pre5 Fixed a compilation warning for size_t key sizes Added a warning that the PolarSSL library does not support pkcs12 files. Added warning that --capath is not available with PolarSSL Disable CryptoAPI when not using OpenSSL, and document that fact. Removed support for management external keys in PolarSSL Removed stray X509_free from ssl.c Refactored (and disabled for PolarSSL) support for writing external cert files in scripts Added an extra define to allow building without PKCS#11 Added SSL library to title string Disabled X.509 track and username selection for PolarSSL Hardening: periodically reset the PRNG's nonce value Fixes for the plugin system: Further improvements to plugin support: Fixed an unintentional change in the options calculated key size. Moved print messages back to generic crypto.c from cipher backends Moved HMAC prints back to main crypto module Added back checks for ks->authenticated in verify_user_pass Moved gc_new and gc_free to begin end of function Fixed a bug in the return value of ssl_verify when pre_verify failed Unified verification function return values: Removed a stray Fox-IT tag Fixed a typo: print the subject instead of the serial for verification errors Made SSL_CIPHER const in print_details, to fix warning Moved to PolarSSL 1.0.0: Added missing #ifdef to allow --disable-managent to work again Fixed disabling crypto and SSL Got rid of a few magic numbers in ntlm.c Removed obsolete des_cblock and des_keyschedule Further removal of des_old.h based calls Fixed missing comma in plugin.h Moved prng_uninit out of crypto_uninit_lib Moved CryptoAPI header include to the ssl_openssl.c Reordered functions to ensure warning-free Windows build Added options to switch between OpenSSL and PolarSSL and PKCS11... Moved from strsep to strtok, for Windows compatibility Minor cleanup to enable warning-free Windows build: Fixed a typo when initialising cryptoapi certs Minor code cleanup: cleaned up error handling in verify_cert. Moved out of memory prototype to error.h, as the definition is in error.c Removed support for calling gc_malloc with a NULL gc_arena struct (The follwing patches from Adriaan was mistakenly merged with the wrong commit author in the git tree) Doxygen: Added data channel crypto docs Added control channel crypto docs Added compression docs Added reliability layer documentation Added memory management documentation Added data channel fragmentation docs Added main/control docs Moved doxygen-specific files to a separate directory Byron Ellacott (1): autoconf fixes for building on OSX David Sommerseth (50): Provide 'dev_type' environment variable to plug-ins and script hooks Define the new openvpn_plugin_{open,func}_v3() API Implement the core v3 plug-in function calls. Extend the v3 plug-in API to send over X509 certificates Added a simple plug-in demonstrating the v3 plug-in API. Separate the general plug-in version constant and v3 plug-in structs version Use a version-less version identifier on the master branch Fix the --client-cert-not-required feature Change the default --tmp-dir path to a more suitable path Improve the mysprintf() issue in openvpnserv.c Add a simple comment regarding openvpn_snprintf() is duplicated Merge branch 'feat_ipv6_transport' Merge branch 'feat_ipv6_payload' Merge branch 'svn-branch-2.1' into merge Solved hidden merge conflicts between master and svn-branch-2.1 Fix const declarations in plug-in v3 structs Merge remote-tracking branch 'cron2/feat_ipv6_payload_2.3' Don't define ENABLE_PUSH_PEER_INFO if SSL is not available Fix compiling issues with pkcs11 when --disable-management is configured Remove support for Linux 2.2 configuration fallback Revert "Add new openssl.cnf to easy-rsa/Windows" Merge remote branch SVN 2.1 into the git tree Merge branch 'svn-merger' Fix Microsoft Visual Studio incompatibility in plugin.c Fixed compile issues on FreeBSD and Solaris Fix PolarSSL and --pkcs12 option issues Fix FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD compiler warnings in get_default_gateway() Make '--win-sys env' default Do some file/directory tests before really starting openvpn Fix bug after removing Linux 2.2 support Don't look for 'stdin' file when using --auth-user-pass Fix compiling with --disable-crypto and/or --disable-ssl Fix a couple of issues in openvpn_execve() Move away from openvpn_basename() over to platform provided basename() Enable access() when building in Visual Studio New Windows build fixes Fix compilation errors on Linux platforms without SO_MARK autotools ./configure don't like compat.h Fix pool logging when IPv6 is not enabled Don't check for file presence on inline files Add --route-pre-down/OPENVPN_PLUGIN_ROUTE_PREDOWN script/plug-in hook Enhance the error handling in _openssl_get_subject() Fix assert() situations where gc_malloc() is called without a gc_arena object Fix compile issues when plug-ins are disabled. Remove --show-gateway if debug info is not enabled (--disable-debug) Fix compile issues with status.c Connection entry {tun,link}_mtu_defined not set correctly referenced a now non-existing config-win32.h was missing ssl_common.h Revamp check_file_access() checks in stdin scenarios Davide Guerri (1): New feauture: Add --stale-routes-check Frank de Brabander (1): Fixed wrong return type of cipher_kt_mode Frederic Crozat (1): Add support to forward console query to systemd Gert Doering (45): Add more detailed explanation regarding the function of "--rdns-internal" Enable IPv6 Payload in OpenVPN p2mp tun server mode. 20100104-1 release. remove NOTES file from commit - private scribbling NetBSD fixes - on 4.0 and up, use multi-af mode. new feature: "ifconfig-ipv6-push" (from ccd/ config) add some TODOs to TODO.IPv6 undo accidential duplication of existing "--iroute" line in the help text basic documentation of IPv6 related options and their syntax Enable IPv6 Payload in OpenVPN p2mp tun server mode. remove NOTES file from commit - private scribbling env_block(): if PATH is not set, add standard PATH setting to env add IPv6 route add / route delete code for windows (using "netsh") - Win32 IPv6 ifconfig support, using "netsh" calls drop "book ipv6" from open_tun() and tuncfg() prototypes document recent changes and open TODOs, adapt --version info, tag release Win32: set next-hop for IPv6 routes according to TUN/TAP mode when deleting a route on win32, also add gateway address WIN32: if IPv6 requested in TUN mode, check if TUN/TAP driver < 9.7 revert unconditionally-enabling of setenv_es() logging implement IPv6 ifconfig + route setup/deletion on OpenBSD full "VPN client connect" test framework for OpenVPN t_client.rc-sample renamed to 2.2-beta3 has a signed TAP driver with the IPv6 code - test for 9.8 correct URL for "more information about IPv6 patch is *here*" bugfix for linux/iproute2: IPv6 ifconfig code block was not called for "dev tun"+"topology subnet" bump IPv6 version number (openvpn --version) to 20100922-1 Implement "ipv6 ifconfig" for TAP interfaces on Solaris interfaces rebased to 2.2RC2 (beta 2.2 branch) Windows IPv6 cleanup - properly remove IPv6 routes and interface config For all accesses to "struct route_list * rl", check first that rl is non-NULL Replace 32-bit-based add_in6_addr() implementation by an 8-bit based one Platform cleanup for NetBSD Move block for "stale-routes-check" config inside #ifdef P2MP_SERVER block add missing break between "case IPv4" and "case IPv6" bump tap driver version from 9.8 to 9.9 log error message and exit for "win32, tun mode, tap driver version 9.8" work around inet_ntop/inet_pton problems for MSVC builds on WinXP Fix build-up of duplicate IPv6 routes on reconnect. Fix list-overrun checks in copy_route_[ipv6_]option_list() add "print test titles" and "use sudo" functionality to t_client.rc Platform cleanup for FreeBSD Implement IPv6 interface config with non-/64 prefix lengths. Fix RUN_SUDO functionality for Document IPv6-related environment variables. Platform cleanup for OpenBSD Gisle Vanem (1): Avoid re-defining uint32_t when using mingw compiler Gustavo Zacarias (1): Fix compile issues when using --enable-small and --disable-ssl/--disable-crypto Heiko Hund (16): add .gitignore to official repository remove function is_proto_tcp() remove legacy code to query IE proxy information lowercase include header name in syshead.h define IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL macro for WIN32 add --mark option to set SO_MARK sockopt Windows UTF-8 input/output UTF-8 X.509 distinguished names set Windows environment variables as UCS-2 handle Windows unicode paths replace check for TARGET_WIN32 with WIN32 do not use mode_t on Windows use the underscore version of stat on Windows make MSVC link against shell32 as well move variable declaration to top of function define access mode flag X_OK as 0 on Windows Igor Novgorodov (1): The code blocks enabled by ENABLE_CLIENT_CR depends on management James Yonan (57): Added "management-external-key" option. Minor addition of logging info before and after execution of Windows net commands. Misc fixes to r6708. Added --x509-track option. * added --management-up-down option to allow management interface to be notified of tunnel up/down events. Fixed minor compile issue triggered on builds where MANAGEMENT_DEF_AUTH is not enabled. Implemented get_default_gateway_mac_addr for Mac OS X Fixes to r6925. Properly handle certificate serial numbers > 32 bits. Added "client-nat" option for stateless, one-to-one NAT on the client side. Renamed branch to reflect that it is no longer beta. env_filter_match now includes the serial number of all certs Fixed issue where a client might receive multiple push replies from a server Fixed bug introduced in r7031 that might cause this error message: Extended "client-kill" management interface command (server-side) Client will now try to reconnect if no push reply received within handshake-window seconds. Version 2.1.3n Fixed compiling issues when using --disable-crypto Added "management-external-key" option. Misc fixes to r6708. win/ now accepts an optional tap-dir argument. Added "auth-token" client directive Added ./configure --enable-osxipconfig option for Mac OS X Added more packet ID debug info at debug level 3 for debugging false positive packet replays. Fixed bug that incorrectly placed stricter TCP packet replay rules on UDP sessions Fixed bug in port-share that could cause port share process to crash For Mac OSX, when DARWIN_USE_IPCONFIG is defined, retry ipconfig command on failure Version 2.1.3t Revert r7092 and r7151, i.e. remove --enable-osxipconfig configure option. Added 'dir' flag to "crl-verify" (see man page for info). Added new "extra-certs" and "verify-hash" options Fixed compile issues on Windows. Added --enable-lzo-stub configure option to build an OpenVPN client without LZO Added optional journal directory argument to "port-share" directive Reduce log verbosity at level 3, with a focus on removing excessive log verbosity generated by port-share activity. env_filter_match now includes the serial number of all certs in chain Added support for static challenge/response protocol. r7316 fixes. Added redirect-gateway block-local flag, with support for Linux, Mac OS X Extended x509-track to allow SHA1 certificate hash to be extracted Added "management-query-remote" directive (client) to allow the management interface to override the "remote" directive. Version 2.1.5. Fixed MSVC compile error related to r7408. Redact "echo" directive strings from log, since these strings (going forward) could conceivably contain security-sensitive data. Modified sanitize_control_message to remove redacted data from control string rather than blotting it out with "_" chars. Changed CC_PRINT character class to allow UTF-8 chars. Increased the --verb threshold for "PID_ERR replay" messages to 4 from 3. Fixed issue where redirect-gateway block-local code was not correctly calculating... CC_PRINT character class now allows any 8-bit character value >= 32. "status" management interface command (version >= 2) will now include the username for each connected user. Minor fix to CC_PRINT char class Fixed management interface bug where >FATAL notifications were not being output properly Raised D_PID_DEBUG_LOW from level 3 to 4 to reduce replay error verbosity at level 3. Added "memstats" option to maintain real-time operating stats in a memory-mapped file. Fixed client issues with DHCP Router option extraction/deletion when using layer 2 with DHCP proxy: Allow "tap-win32 dynamic <offset>" to be used in topology subnet mode. Added support for "on-link" routes on Linux client Jan Just Keijser (1): Made some options connection-entry specific Joe Patterson (1): common_name passing in auth_pam plugin JuanJo Ciarlante (40): * rebased openvpn-2.1_rc1b.jjo.20061206.d.patch * created getaddr6(), use it from resolve_remote() * migrated all getaddrinfo() to getaddr6 * socket.c: use USE_PF_INET6 in switch constructs to actually toss them out, * support --disable-ipv6 build properly: * important fix for tcp6 reconnection was incorrectly creating a PF_INET socket * added README.ipv6.txt * fixed win32 non-ipv6 build * ipv6 on win32 "milestone": 1st snapshot that passes all unittests * document ipv6 milestone status * doc update w/unittests results * make possible to x-compile openvpn/win32 in Linux * correctly setup hints.ai_socktype for getaddrinfo(), althought sorta hacky, see TODO.ipv6. * renamed README.ipv6{.txt,} * updated {README,TODO}.ipv6 from feedback at openvpn-devel mlist * init.c: document the ENABLE_MANAGEMENT place to work on * init.c: small in-doc tweaks * fix multi-tcp crash (corrected assertion) * TODO.ipv6 update * socket.c: better buf logic in print_sockaddr_ex * fixed segfault for undef address family in print_sockaddr_ex (thanks Marcel!) * doc updates * openbsd: no IFF_MULTICAST, #ifdef around it * no new funcionality, just small cleanups * (prototype) fix for supporting "redirect-gateway" for tunneled ipv4 over ipv6 endpoints * polished redirect-gateway (ipv4 on ipv6 endpoints) support * updated doc * fix --disable-ipv6 build * doc updates * rebased to v2.1.1 release * undo mroute.c changes related to ipv6 payload * fix --multihome for ipv4 * fix --multihome for ipv6 * ipv6-0.4.14: fix xinetd usage * ipv6-0.4.15: add --multihome support to xBSD * ipv6-0.4.15b: rebase over openvpn-testing-master * ipv6-0.4.16: fix mingw32 build * make ipv6_payload compile under windowze USE_PF_INET6 by default for v2.3 fix ipv6 compilation under macosx >= 1070 - v3 Markus Koetter (1): Add extv3 X509 field support to --x509-username-field Matthew L. Creech (1): Fix 2.2.0 build failure when management interface disabled Matthias Andree (1): Skip rather than fail test in addressless FreeBSD jails. Robert Fischer (8): Update man page with info about --capath Update man page with info about --connect-timeout Added info about --show-proxy-settings Documented --x509-username-field option Documented --errors-to-stderr option Documented --push-peer-info option Update man page with info about --remote-random-hostname Added man page entry for --management-client Samuli Seppänen (19): Add man page entry for --redirect-private Change all CRLF linefeeds to LF linefeeds Fix a bug in devcon source code handling Removed Win2k from supported platforms list in INSTALL and win/openvpn.nsi Fixed copying of tapinstall.exe to dist/bin when using prebuilt TAP-drivers Fixed a bug with GUI icon deletion on upgrade from 2.2-RC or earlier Fix a build-ca issue on Windows Add new openssl.cnf to easy-rsa/Windows Updated "easy-rsa" for OpenSSL 1.0.0 Made domake-win builds to use easy-rsa/2.0/openssl-1.0.0.cnf Fixes to easy-rsa/2.0 Merged TODO.IPv6 with TODO.ipv6 and README.IPv6 with README.ipv6 Fixed a number of fatal build errors on Visual Studio 2008 Fix a Visual Studio 2008 build issue in socket.c Additional Visual Studio 2008 build fixes to tun.c Fixed a typo in win32.h that prevented building with Visual Studio Fixed a regression causing VS2008/Python build failure Fix a Visual Studio 2008 build error in tun.c Fix a Visual Studio 2008 build error in options.c Simon Matter (1): Fix issues with some older GCC compilers Stefan Hellermann (2): plugin.h: update prototype of plugin_call dummy in !ENABLE_PLUGIN case Fixed typo in plugin.h chantra (1): Clarify --tmp-dir option smos (1): Change the netsh.exe command from "add" to "set". 2011.12.25 -- Version 2.x-master James Yonan (1): Added support for "on-link" routes on Linux client -- these are routes where the gateway is specified as an interface rather than an address. This allows redirect-gateway to work on Linux clients whose connection to the internet is via a point-to-point link such as PPP. Note that at the moment, this capability is incompatible with the "redirect-gateway block-local" directive -- this is because the block-local directive blocks all traffic from the local LAN except for the local and gateway addresses. Since a PPP link is essentially a subnet of two addresses, local and remote (i.e. gateway), the set of addresses that would be blocked by block-local is empty. Therefore, the "redirect-gateway block-local" directive will be ignored on PPP links. To view the OpenVPN client's current determination of the default gateway, use this command: ./openvpn --show-gateway -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) iEYEABECAAYFAk9DeI4ACgkQIIWEatLf4HenZACgtkxPT5iI3DUvHszfj53Fz27W eacAnA8H0JtR8RKG2hhQuqD+FzGzVjEB =nnbJ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----