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* Revert "Enforce "serial-tests" behaviour for tests/Makefile"Gert Doering2015-05-281-2/+0
* Enforce "serial-tests" behaviour for tests/MakefileGert Doering2015-05-271-0/+2
* Really fix '--cipher none' regressionSteffan Karger2014-12-021-0/+3
* Fix platform-dependent failuresGert Doering2014-07-081-2/+5
* Extend t_lpback tests to test all ciphers reported by --show-ciphersSteffan Karger2014-07-071-4/+26
* Make work on AIX.Gert Doering2014-07-071-0/+6
* Minor cleanupsGert Doering2014-04-211-1/+1
* ignore fields from "ip -6 route show" output that distort results.Gert Doering2013-11-241-1/+1
* Fix IPv6 examples in t_client.rc-sampleGert Doering2013-11-171-4/+4
* Add prepare/cleanup possibilties for each test caseDavid Sommerseth2013-11-161-0/+13
* Write errors to stderr and document requirementsDavid Sommerseth2013-11-161-2/+2
* Check for fping/fping6 availabilityDavid Sommerseth2013-11-151-0/+12
* Put actual OpenVPN command line on top of corresponding log file.Gert Doering2012-09-021-1/+2
* - fix for iproute2, print summary lineGert Doering2012-06-131-1/+11
* iproute2 script fixesGert Doering2012-06-011-2/+2
* repair test after build system revolutionGert Doering2012-06-012-8/+10
* build: standard directory layoutAlon Bar-Lev2012-03-226-0/+544