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* Fix build on OpenSolaris (non-gmake)Gert Doering2015-07-271-1/+1
* Provide OpenVPN runtime version information to plug-insDavid Sommerseth2015-07-271-1/+8
* Provide compile time OpenVPN version information to plug-insDavid Sommerseth2015-07-272-0/+8
* Remove ENABLE_SSL define (and --disable-ssl configure option)Steffan Karger2014-12-311-4/+4
* Update openvpn-plugin.h for PolarSSL 1.3.Steffan Karger2014-04-211-2/+2
* plugin: Extend the plug-in v3 API to identify the SSL implementation usedDavid Sommerseth2013-07-031-3/+22
* add API for plug-ins to write to openvpn logHeiko Hund2012-08-061-1/+60
* cleanup: plugin: support C++ pluginAlon Bar-Lev2012-04-261-0/+8
* build: use tap-windows.h as external dependencyAlon Bar-Lev2012-03-242-70/+0
* build: proper crypto detection and usageAlon Bar-Lev2012-03-221-11/+20
* build: standard directory layoutAlon Bar-Lev2012-03-223-0/+803