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Version 2.1_rc2 releasedv2.1_rc2
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+2007.02.27 -- Version 2.1_rc2
+* auth-pam change: link with -lpam rather
+ than dlopen (Roy Marples).
+* Prevent SIGUSR1 or SIGHUP from causing program
+ exit from initial management hold.
+* SO_REUSEADDR should not be set on Windows TCP sockets
+ because it will cause bind to succeed on port conflicts.
+* Added time_ascii, time_duration, and time_unix
+ environmental variables for plugins and callback
+ scripts.
+* Fixed issue where OpenVPN does not apply the --txqueuelen option
+ to persistent interfaces made with --mktun (Roy Marples).
+* Attempt at rational signal handling when in the
+ management hold state. During management hold, ignore
+ SIGUSR1/SIGHUP signals thrown with the "signal" command.
+ Also, "signal" command will now apply remapping as
+ specified with the --remap-usr1 option.
+ When a signal entered using the "signal" command from a management
+ hold is ignored, output: >HOLD:Waiting for hold release
+* Fixed issue where struct env_set methods that
+ change the value of an existing name=value pair
+ would delay the freeing of the memory held by
+ the previous name=value pair until the underlying
+ client instance object is closed.
+ This could cause a server that handles long-term
+ client connections, resulting in many periodic calls
+ to verify_callback, to needlessly grow the env_set
+ memory allocation until the underlying client instance
+ object is closed.
+* Renamed TAP-Win32 driver from tap0801.sys to tap0901.sys
+ to reflect the fact that Vista has blacklisted the tap0801.sys
+ file name due to previous compatibility issues which have now
+ been resolved. TAP-Win32 major/minor version number is now 9/1.
+* Windows installer will delete a previously installed
+ tap0801.sys TAP driver before installing tap0901.sys.
+* Added code to Windows installer to fail gracefully on 64 bit
+ installs until 64-bit TAP driver issues can be resolved.
+* Added code to Windows installer to fail gracefully on
+ versions of Windows which are not explicitly supported.
+* The Windows version will now use a default route-delay
+ of 5 seconds to deal with an apparent routing table race
+ condition on Vista.
+* Worked around an incompatibility in the Windows Vista
+ version of CreateIpForwardEntry as described in
+ This issue would cause route additions using the
+ IP Helper API to fail on Vista.
+* On Windows, revert to "ip-win32 dynamic" as the default.
2006.10.31 -- Version 2.1_rc1
* Support recovery (return to hold) from signal at
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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
-AC_INIT([OpenVPN], [2.1_rc1d], [], [openvpn])
+AC_INIT([OpenVPN], [2.1_rc2], [], [openvpn])