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Updated ChangeLog and version number.
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+2008.07.31 -- Version 2.1_rc9
+* Security Vulnerability -- affects non-Windows OpenVPN clients running
+ OpenVPN 2.1-beta14 through 2.1-rc8 (OpenVPN 2.0.x clients are NOT
+ vulnerable nor are any versions of the OpenVPN server vulnerable).
+ An OpenVPN client connecting to a malicious or compromised
+ server could potentially receive an "lladdr" or "iproute" configuration
+ directive from the server which could cause arbitrary code execution on
+ the client. A successful attack requires that (a) the client has agreed
+ to allow the server to push configuration directives to it by including
+ "pull" or the macro "client" in its configuration file, (b) the client
+ succesfully authenticates the server, (c) the server is malicious or has
+ been compromised and is under the control of the attacker, and (d) the
+ client is running a non-Windows OS. Credit: David Wagner.
+* Miscellaneous defensive programming changes to multiple
+ areas of the code. In particular, use of the system() call
+ for calling executables such as ifconfig, route, and
+ user-defined scripts has been completely revamped in favor
+ of execve() on unix and CreateProcess() on Windows.
2008.06.11 -- Version 2.1_rc8
* Added client authentication and packet filtering capability
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dnl define the OpenVPN version
dnl define the TAP version