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* added the tree functions and testsscott Chacon2007-11-121-8/+9
* adding my testing git directoryscott Chacon2007-11-111-1/+21
* added branch and checkout functionalityscott Chacon2007-11-111-0/+13
* got clone and init to work - my first writing functionsscott Chacon2007-11-101-3/+3
* few hours work - diff is donescott Chacon2007-11-101-2/+2
* got all the unit tests to run from either place, fixed some old functionalityscott Chacon2007-11-081-3/+12
* added some testing files and got some real tests to runscott Chacon2007-11-071-0/+21
* started test frameworkscott Chacon2007-11-071-0/+2