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* In upgrade script, do not crash if files do not existMichael DeHaan2008-03-071-0/+2
* Fixed the direction of one check in the updater scriptMichael DeHaan2008-03-071-27/+20
* migrate some certmaster.conf settingsAdrian Likins2008-03-061-20/+37
* remove debug spew we no longer need I hopeAdrian Likins2008-03-051-17/+10
* Fix a couple of bugs here, and turn on more debugging output.Adrian Likins2008-03-041-21/+19
* don't migrate cert_dir settings at all. Move everyone to the newAdrian Likins2008-03-041-14/+13
* don't try to use the config classes to read the old config files, itAdrian Likins2008-03-041-11/+39
* delete files, hopefully for real. These are certmaster stuff we dont need any...Adrian Likins2008-02-292-103/+0
* add a tag to the func/minion.conf to indicate we've seen it beforeAdrian Likins2008-02-291-8/+29
* script to update certmaster/func settings to the new style and locationAdrian Likins2008-02-281-0/+125
* allow ctrl+c and make sure we get input.Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner2008-02-231-19/+33
* checks for a valid email address and closer to normal __main__ coding.Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner2008-02-231-14/+36
* make remove_this_host remove_this_cert so it actually worksSeth Vidal2008-02-121-1/+1
* Adding a module to allow func to control certmaster via func, this will be mo...Michael DeHaan2008-02-051-12/+2
* Added in copyright and traditional comment header for new modules.Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner2008-01-201-4/+23
* Updated networktest to be the new way of defining modules and updated func-cr...Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner2008-01-161-1/+10
* Simplify our modules by auto-detecting them and registering their handlersLuke Macken2008-01-151-19/+4
* Added in func-create-module to make boilerplate module code. spec, setup and ...Steve 'Ashcrow' Milner2008-01-131-0/+66
* Remove the extra print from the CLI, so we only print what gets returned for ...Michael DeHaan2007-10-261-1/+1
* Add missing file.Michael DeHaan2007-10-241-0/+8
* er, merge?Adrian Likins2007-10-081-2/+2
* - certmaster-ca supports wildcards to -s and -c, nowSeth Vidal2007-10-041-3/+9
* - add certmaster-ca --clean option to clean out other certs/csrsSeth Vidal2007-10-031-3/+36
* Fix up recursive pylint and pychecker rules.James Bowes2007-10-021-1/+2
* changes to use the new command line modulesAdrian Likins2007-10-021-2/+2
* util makefile in scripts/Adrian Likins2007-09-271-0/+19
* port certmaster to using an ini-style config fileSeth Vidal2007-09-271-8/+1
* certmaster-ca added for signing csrs manuallySeth Vidal2007-09-261-0/+70
* move and to func/Adrian Likins2007-09-251-3/+1
* fix up the wrapper scripts so that --daemon works correctly, and soAdrian Likins2007-09-251-9/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// DeHaan2007-09-251-6/+1
| * make certmaster auto-create the ca key and cert on startup, if they are not p...Seth Vidal2007-09-251-6/+1
* | Adding func (command line client to be run from master) to /usr/binMichael DeHaan2007-09-251-0/+14
* clean up configs in certmaster.pySeth Vidal2007-09-251-2/+11
* Renamed server to minion and client to overlordRobin Norwood2007-09-251-1/+1
* add certmaster startup and execute scriptSeth Vidal2007-09-241-0/+12
* initial code dropAdrian Likins2007-09-201-0/+12