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* missed an import somewhere, fixAdrian Likins2007-09-261-0/+1
* Enable ssl cert useage by default for funcdAdrian Likins2007-09-262-39/+61
* fix up the wrapper scripts so that --daemon works correctly, and soAdrian Likins2007-09-251-6/+6
* Renaming configuration file to 'minion.conf' and changing and specfi...Michael DeHaan2007-09-251-2/+1
* Update AUTHORS list (everyone else free to add you as you add stuff)Michael DeHaan2007-09-251-1/+1
* Fix up some module loading annoyancesAdrian Likins2007-09-252-4/+10
* fix up logging a bit. I was sending the audit logs and the svc logsAdrian Likins2007-09-251-1/+12
* couple of utility makefilesAdrian Likins2007-09-251-0/+19
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Likins2007-09-254-8/+3
* move files for the new naming schemeSeth Vidal2007-09-251-0/+144
* Renamed server to minion and client to overlordRobin Norwood2007-09-258-0/+1736