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* Applied James Anthill's patch to generalize "show" features, plus a releaseMichael DeHaan2007-12-111-29/+5
* Integrating the multiplexer feature ( with func's Client module. ...Michael DeHaan2007-11-302-7/+26
* Working on integrating the multiplexer code with funcMichael DeHaan2007-11-302-12/+26
* Add, which is a module we'll use to implement the multiplexer.Michael DeHaan2007-11-301-0/+146
* moving to so it will, you know, actually workSeth Vidal2007-11-151-0/+0
* Remove some debug printsMichael DeHaan2007-10-261-2/+1
* Fix something I accidentally committed to the virt module that doesn't need t...Michael DeHaan2007-10-261-11/+1
* Added feature to filetracker module that will show what files are in each dir...Michael DeHaan2007-10-261-2/+11
* make func-inventory smart enough to know that if a module just returns a stri...Michael DeHaan2007-10-261-0/+4
* Adds the filetracker module, originally developed by fordship, with some twea...Michael DeHaan2007-10-262-1/+207
* log this stuff as a warning, don't print to stdout sinceAdrian Likins2007-10-261-3/+7
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Likins2007-10-261-0/+3
| * When func is invoked with no-args, show instructions rather than traceback.Michael DeHaan2007-10-261-0/+3
* | catch any/all exceptions from trying to load a module,Adrian Likins2007-10-261-1/+5
* This adds alternative output formats for func-inventory, so that other progra...Michael DeHaan2007-10-261-1/+30
* Slight changes to make it easier to establish seperate client handles to all ...Michael DeHaan2007-10-252-14/+25
* Added a ping function to the test module and a new command "func '*' ping" wh...Michael DeHaan2007-10-253-2/+77
* Make pretty printer be the default print option, and make a new option for ra...Michael DeHaan2007-10-251-6/+13
* Added rpm package tracking, which shows the full name, epoch, version, releas...Michael DeHaan2007-10-251-0/+48
* Adding part 2 to service inventory -- what the services are currently doing.Michael DeHaan2007-10-251-3/+16
* Added the first part of the service inventory code (chkconfig state) .. next ...Michael DeHaan2007-10-251-5/+35
* Inventory module now defaults to calling 'inventory' methods, not 'info', to ...Michael DeHaan2007-10-241-3/+3
* Add a new method "inventory" which will be the default method func-inventory ...Michael DeHaan2007-10-243-13/+16
* change copyfile cmd line to transmit file contents as binary blobsAdrian Likins2007-10-242-4/+14
* add a .info attribute so virt status is stored as part of inventoryAdrian Likins2007-10-241-0/+10
* move "func list_minions" to be a cmd moduleAdrian Likins2007-10-242-16/+63
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// DeHaan2007-10-231-1/+0
| * remove unused func_command importAdrian Likins2007-10-231-1/+1
* | Initial go at the func inventory app (includes git integration). Docs TBA sh...Michael DeHaan2007-10-232-1/+154
* Slight docs cleanup, make usage print the proper name of the app.Michael DeHaan2007-10-232-2/+1
* swap out minion-acl config file for minion-acl.d dir of .acl filesSeth Vidal2007-10-183-23/+32
* dont need the parse call hereAdrian Likins2007-10-123-7/+8
* what kind of weird name is "rpath", change to "remotepath"Adrian Likins2007-10-121-2/+2
* add "copyfile" commandline module that knows how to get the localAdrian Likins2007-10-123-0/+109
* add "show hardare --os" optionAdrian Likins2007-10-101-11/+6
* add support to func cli for:Adrian Likins2007-10-091-10/+55
* make func_command use the new handleArguments method fromAdrian Likins2007-10-094-44/+140
* add a hook into to do stuff to the arguments beforeAdrian Likins2007-10-091-0/+10
* fix up some items on nagios-checkSeth Vidal2007-10-081-2/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Vidal2007-10-084-83/+49
| * er, merge?Adrian Likins2007-10-082-73/+8
| * add a couple alternatice serializers just for kicksAdrian Likins2007-10-081-8/+35
| * Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Likins2007-10-084-11/+102
| |\
| * | sort the returns of these methods just to make it purdyAdrian Likins2007-10-081-2/+6
* | | prelim snmp - get methodSeth Vidal2007-10-081-0/+46
| |/ |/|
* | add nagios_checkSeth Vidal2007-10-081-0/+42
* | Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Vidal2007-10-083-0/+102
|\ \ | |/
| * create a func/overkiad/cmd_modules sub dirAdrian Likins2007-10-083-0/+102
* | fine-grained acls per minionSeth Vidal2007-10-083-11/+60
* - certmaster-ca supports wildcards to -s and -c, nowSeth Vidal2007-10-042-15/+38