BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
develglusterd: After upgrade on release 9.1 glusterd protocol is broken (#2352)mohit849 weeks
masterContributing: update about who can trigger the buildAmar Tumballi8 months
release-3.12Release notes for Gluster 3.12.15Jiffin Tony Thottan3 years
release-4.1doc: Added release notes for 4.1.10hari gowtham23 months
release-5doc: Added release notes for 5.13Hari Gowtham14 months
release-6Adding release notes for release-6.10Rinku Kothiya11 months
release-7doc: Added release 7.9 notes (#1865)Rinku Kothiya7 months
release-8cluster/afr: Fix race in lockinfo (f)getxattrXavi Hernandez2 months
release-9core: Avoid several dict OR key is NULL message in brick logs (#2344)mohit849 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  glusterfs-8.0rc0.tar.gz  glusterfs-8.0rc0.tar.xz  Rinku Kothiya13 months  glusterfs-7.6.tar.gz  glusterfs-7.6.tar.xz  Rinku Kothiya13 months  glusterfs-6.9.tar.gz  glusterfs-6.9.tar.xz  Hari Gowtham14 months  glusterfs-9dev.tar.gz  glusterfs-9dev.tar.xz  Rinku Kothiya14 months  glusterfs-8.0alpha.tar.gz  glusterfs-8.0alpha.tar.xz  Rinku Kothiya14 months  glusterfs-7.5.tar.gz  glusterfs-7.5.tar.xz  Rinku Kothiya14 months  glusterfs-5.13.tar.gz  glusterfs-5.13.tar.xz  Hari Gowtham14 months  glusterfs-7.4.tar.gz  glusterfs-7.4.tar.xz  Rinku Kothiya15 months  glusterfs-6.8.tar.gz  glusterfs-6.8.tar.xz  Hari Gowtham16 months  glusterfs-5.12.tar.gz  glusterfs-5.12.tar.xz  Hari Gowtham16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2020-10-07Contributing: update about who can trigger the buildHEADmasterAmar Tumballi1-3/+4
2020-10-07Migration: update the docsAmar Tumballi5-56/+160
2020-10-07DHT - Removing commit hash and 'magical' return value from rebalanceBarak Sason Rofman1-26/+7
2020-10-05mount/fuse: Fix graph-switch when reader-thread-count is setPranith Kumar K2-8/+68
2020-10-01dht - Remove "tier" code (part 2)Barak Sason Rofman9-515/+81
2020-10-01fixed AFR_READ_POLICY_GFID_PID_HASH policy bugperrynzhou1-1/+2
2020-10-01cluster/afr: Heal directory rename without rmdir/mkdirPranith Kumar K20-128/+1427
2020-10-01build: drop -rdynamic from compiler flagsDmitry Antipov1-1/+1
2020-10-01DHT - Fixing memory allocation crashBarak Sason Rofman1-1/+6
2020-09-30bitrot/stub: Fix memory leak gf_br_stub_mt_version_tMohammed Rafi KC2-31/+42