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* Change FreeIPA license to GPLv3+Jakub Hrozek2010-12-201-5/+5
* This patch removes the existing UI functionality, as a prep for adding the Ja...Adam Young2010-07-291-1/+0
* Add ipa man page.Pavel Zuna2010-04-071-0/+45
* Giant webui patch take 2Jason Gerard DeRose2009-10-131-6/+1
* Get merged tree into an installalble state.Rob Crittenden2009-02-031-0/+1
* Finished small tweaks to get new ipaserver.xmlrpc() mod_python handler workingJason Gerard DeRose2009-02-031-2/+3
* Started work on a much simplified mod_python serverJason Gerard DeRose2009-02-031-1/+1
* Renamed all references to 'ipa_webui' to 'ipawebui'Jason Gerard DeRose2009-01-041-4/+4
* Renamed all references to 'ipa_server' to 'ipaserver'Jason Gerard DeRose2009-01-041-2/+2
* Fixed and so that templates/*.kid and static/ in ipa_web...Jason Gerard DeRose2008-10-221-1/+4
* Added; now includes kid templates in package_dataJason Gerard DeRose2008-10-221-2/+6
* Added a very basic using distutilsJason Gerard DeRose2008-10-211-0/+39