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* Convert server install code to platform-independent access to system servicesAlexander Bokovoy2011-09-131-4/+5
| | | |
* Fix configure.jar permissionsMartin Kosek2011-09-071-1/+1
| | | | | | Remove executable bit added by /usr/bin/signtool
* Fix permissions in installersMartin Kosek2011-09-071-4/+12
| | | | | | | | Fix permissions for (configuration) files produced by ipa-server-install or ipa-client-install. This patch is needed when root has a umask preventing files from being world readable.
* enable proxy for dogtagAdam Young2011-08-291-0/+5
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Dogtag is going to be proxied through httpd. To make this work, it has to support renegotiation of the SSL connection. This patch enables renegotiate in the nss configuration file during during apache configuration, as well as modifies libnss to set the appropriate optins on the ssl connection in order to renegotiate. The IPA install uses the internal ports instead of proxying through httpd since httpd is not set up yet. IPA needs to Request the certificate through a port that uses authentication. On the Dogtag side, they provide an additional mapping for this: /ca/eeca/ca as opposed tp /ca/ee/ca just for this purpose. add flag to pkicreate in order to enable using proxy. add the proxy file in /etc/http/conf.d/ Signed-off-by: Simo Sorce <>
* Add option to install without the automatic redirect to the Web UI.Jan Cholasta2011-08-181-2/+2
| | | | ticket 1570
* Generate a database password by default in all cases.Rob Crittenden2011-07-171-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | If the password passed in when creating a NSS certificate database is None then a random password is generated. If it is empty ('') then an empty password is set. Because of this the HTTP instance on replicas were created with an empty password.
* Make data type of certificates more obvious/predictable internally.Rob Crittenden2011-06-211-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | For the most part certificates will be treated as being in DER format. When we load a certificate we will generally accept it in any format but will convert it to DER before proceeding in normalize_certificate(). This also re-arranges a bit of code to pull some certificate-specific functions out of ipalib/plugins/ into ipalib/ This also tries to use variable names to indicate what format the certificate is in at any given point: dercert: DER cert: PEM nsscert: a python-nss Certificate object rawcert: unknown format ticket 32
* Fix SELinux errors caused by enabling TLS on dogtag 389-ds instance.Rob Crittenden2011-03-151-0/+1
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This fixes 2 AVCS: * One because we are enabling port 7390 because an SSL port must be defined to use TLS On 7389. * We were symlinking to the main IPA 389-ds NSS certificate databsae. Instead generate a separate NSS database and certificate and have certmonger track it separately I also noticed some variable inconsistency in Everywhere else we use self.fqdn and that was using self.host_name. I found it confusing so I fixed it. ticket 1085
* ipa-server-install inconsistent capitalizationMartin Kosek2011-02-031-5/+5
| | | | | | | | | A cosmetic patch to IPA server installation output aimed to make capitalization in installer output consistent. Several installation tasks started with a lowercase letter and several installation task steps started with an uppercase letter.
* Allow ipa-dns-install to install with just admin credentialsSimo Sorce2011-01-071-0/+4
| | | | | | | Do this by creating a common way to attach to the ldap server for each instance. Fixes:
* Change FreeIPA license to GPLv3+Jakub Hrozek2010-12-201-5/+5
| | | | | | | | | | The changes include: * Change license blobs in source files to mention GPLv3+ not GPLv2 only * Add GPLv3+ license text * Package COPYING not LICENSE as the license blobs (even the old ones) mention COPYING specifically, it is also more common, I think
* Move Selfsigned CA creation out of dsinstanceSimo Sorce2010-12-101-30/+26
| | | | | | | | This allows us to have the CA ready to serve out certs for any operation even before the dsinstance is created. The CA is independent of the dsinstance anyway. Also fixes:
* Introduce ipa control script that reads configuration off ldapSimo Sorce2010-12-101-1/+4
| | | | | | | | | | | This replace the former ipactl script, as well as replace the current way ipa components are started. Instead of enabling each service in the system init scripts, enable only the ipa script, and then let it start all components based on the configuration read from the LDAP tree. resolves:
* Use Realm as certs subject base nameSimo Sorce2010-11-181-7/+7
| | | | Also use the realm name as nickname for the CA certificate
* Include time duration hints when configuring services in ipa-server-install.Rob Crittenden2010-10-081-1/+1
| | | | | | | Give a better heads-up on how long the installation will take. Particularly important when configuring dogtag. ticket 139
* Have certmonger track the initial Apache and 389-ds server certs.Rob Crittenden2010-09-091-4/+7
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | We don't use certmonger to get certificates during installation because of the chicken-and-egg problem. This means that the IPA web and ldap certs aren't being tracked for renewal. This requires some manual changes to the certmonger request files once tracking has begun because it doesn't store a subject or principal template when a cert is added via start-tracking. This also required some changes to the cert command plugin to allow a host to execute calls against its own service certs. ticket 67
* Make the installer/uninstaller more aware of its stateRob Crittenden2010-05-031-0/+3
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | We have had a state file for quite some time that is used to return the system to its pre-install state. We can use that to determine what has been configured. This patch: - uses the state file to determine if dogtag was installed - prevents someone from trying to re-install an installed server - displays some output when uninstalling - re-arranges the ipa_kpasswd installation so the state is properly saved - removes pkiuser if it was added by the installer - fetches and installs the CA on both masters and clients
* User-defined certificate subjectsRob Crittenden2010-01-201-5/+6
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Let the user, upon installation, set the certificate subject base for the dogtag CA. Certificate requests will automatically be given this subject base, regardless of what is in the CSR. The selfsign plugin does not currently support this dynamic name re-assignment and will reject any incoming requests that don't conform to the subject base. The certificate subject base is stored in cn=ipaconfig but it does NOT dynamically update the configuration, for dogtag at least. The file /var/lib/pki-ca/profiles/ca/caIPAserviceCert.cfg would need to be updated and pki-cad restarted.
* Make the IPA server host and its services "real" IPA entriesRob Crittenden2009-12-111-4/+12
| | | | | | | | | | | We use kadmin.local to bootstrap the creation of the kerberos principals for the IPA server machine: host, HTTP and ldap. This works fine and has the side-effect of protecting the services from modification by an admin (which would likely break the server). Unfortunately this also means that the services can't be managed by useful utilities such as certmonger. So we have to create them as "real" services instead.
* Add option to have not raise an exceptionRob Crittenden2009-11-301-1/+1
| | | | | | | There are times where a caller will want to determine the course of action based on the returncode instead of relying on it != 0. This also lets the caller get the contents of stdout and stderr.
* Add external CA signing and abstract out the RA backendRob Crittenden2009-09-151-11/+25
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | External CA signing is a 2-step process. You first have to run the IPA installer which will generate a CSR. You pass this CSR to your external CA and get back a cert. You then pass this cert and the CA cert and re-run the installer. The CSR is always written to /root/ipa.csr. A run would look like: # ipa-server-install --ca --external-ca -p password -a password -r EXAMPLE.COM -u dirsrv -n -U [ sign cert request ] # ipa-server-install --ca --external-ca -p password -a password --external_cert_file=/tmp/rob.crt --external_ca_file=/tmp/cacert.crt -U -p password -a password -r EXAMPLE.COM -u dirsrv -n This also abstracts out the RA backend plugin so the self-signed CA we create can be used in a running server. This means that the cert plugin can request certs (and nothing else). This should let us do online replica creation. To handle the self-signed CA the simple ca_serialno file now contains additional data so we don't have overlapping serial numbers in replicas. This isn't used yet. Currently the cert plugin will not work on self-signed replicas. One very important change for self-signed CAs is that the CA is no longer held in the DS database. It is now in the Apache database. Lots of general fixes were also made in ipaserver.install.certs including: - better handling when multiple CA certificates are in a single file - A temporary directory for request certs is not always created when the class is instantiated (you have to call setup_cert_request())
* Clean up some problems discovered with pylint and pycheckerRob Crittenden2009-08-121-7/+3
| | | | | Much of this is formatting to make pylint happy but it also fixes some real bugs.
* Identify CAs to trust from an imported PKCS#12 fileRob Crittenden2009-07-271-0/+1
| | | | | | | | | | We used to use certutil -O to determine the cert chain to trust. This behavior changed in F-11 such that untrusted CAs are not displayed. This is only used when we import PKCS#12 files so use pk12util -l to display the list of certs and keys in the file to determine the nickname(s) of the CAs to trust. 509111
* Allow replicas of an IPA server using an internal dogtag server as the CARob Crittenden2009-07-151-4/+4
| | | | | | | | This involves creating a new CA instance on the replica and using pkisilent to create a clone of the master CA. Also generally fixes IPA to work with the latest dogtag SVN tip. A lot of changes to ports and configuration have been done recently.
* Add signing profile to CA installation so we can sign the firefox jar file.Rob Crittenden2009-05-041-8/+1
| | | | | | | Use the requestId we get back from the CA when requesting the RA agent cert and use that to issue the certificate rather than hardcoding 7. This also adds some clean-up of file permissions and leaking fds
* Issue DS and Apache server certs during CA installation.Rob Crittenden2009-04-201-15/+40
| | | | | | | Notes: - will create a CA instance (pki-ca) if it doesn't exist - maintains support for a self-signed CA - A signing cert is still not created so Firefox autoconfig still won't work
* Rename ipa-python directory to ipapython so it is a real python libraryRob Crittenden2009-02-091-2/+2
| | | | | We used to install it as ipa, now installing it as ipapython. The rpm is still ipa-python.
* Mass tree reorganization for IPAv2. To view previous history of files use:Rob Crittenden2009-02-031-0/+231
% git log --follow -- <file> renamed: ipa-server/ -> renamed: ipa-server/ipa-kpasswd/ -> daemons/ipa-kpasswd/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-kpasswd/README -> daemons/ipa-kpasswd/README renamed: ipa-server/ipa-kpasswd/ipa_kpasswd.c -> daemons/ipa-kpasswd/ipa_kpasswd.c renamed: ipa-server/ipa-kpasswd/ipa_kpasswd.init -> daemons/ipa-kpasswd/ipa_kpasswd.init renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/README -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/README renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/dna/ -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/dna/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/dna/dna-conf.ldif -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/dna/dna-conf.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/dna/dna.c -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/dna/dna.c renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/ -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/ipa-memberof.c -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/ipa-memberof.c renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/ipa-memberof.h -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/ipa-memberof.h renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/ipa-memberof_config.c -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/ipa-memberof_config.c renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/memberof-conf.ldif -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-memberof/memberof-conf.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-pwd-extop/ -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-pwd-extop/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-pwd-extop/README -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-pwd-extop/README renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-pwd-extop/ipa_pwd_extop.c -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-pwd-extop/ipa_pwd_extop.c renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-pwd-extop/pwd-extop-conf.ldif -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-pwd-extop/pwd-extop-conf.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/README -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/README renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ipa-winsync-conf.ldif -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ipa-winsync-conf.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ipa-winsync-config.c -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ipa-winsync-config.c renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ipa-winsync.c -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ipa-winsync.c renamed: ipa-server/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ipa-winsync.h -> daemons/ipa-slapi-plugins/ipa-winsync/ipa-winsync.h renamed: ipa-server/xmlrpc-server/ipa-rewrite.conf -> install/conf/ipa-rewrite.conf renamed: ipa-server/xmlrpc-server/ipa.conf -> install/conf/ipa.conf renamed: ipa-server/xmlrpc-server/ssbrowser.html -> install/html/ssbrowser.html renamed: ipa-server/xmlrpc-server/unauthorized.html -> install/html/unauthorized.html renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/60ipaconfig.ldif -> install/share/60ipaconfig.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/60kerberos.ldif -> install/share/60kerberos.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/60radius.ldif -> install/share/60radius.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/60samba.ldif -> install/share/60samba.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/ -> install/share/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/bind.named.conf.template -> install/share/bind.named.conf.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/ -> install/share/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/bootstrap-template.ldif -> install/share/bootstrap-template.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/certmap.conf.template -> install/share/certmap.conf.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/default-aci.ldif -> install/share/default-aci.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/default-keytypes.ldif -> install/share/default-keytypes.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/dna-posix.ldif -> install/share/dna-posix.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/encrypted_attribute.ldif -> install/share/encrypted_attribute.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/fedora-ds.init.patch -> install/share/fedora-ds.init.patch renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/indices.ldif -> install/share/indices.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/kdc.conf.template -> install/share/kdc.conf.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/kerberos.ldif -> install/share/kerberos.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/krb.con.template -> install/share/krb.con.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/krb5.conf.template -> install/share/krb5.conf.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/krb5.ini.template -> install/share/krb5.ini.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/krbrealm.con.template -> install/share/krbrealm.con.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/master-entry.ldif -> install/share/master-entry.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/memberof-task.ldif -> install/share/memberof-task.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/ntp.conf.server.template -> install/share/ntp.conf.server.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/ntpd.sysconfig.template -> install/share/ntpd.sysconfig.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/preferences.html.template -> install/share/preferences.html.template renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/referint-conf.ldif -> install/share/referint-conf.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/schema_compat.uldif -> install/share/schema_compat.uldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/share/unique-attributes.ldif -> install/share/unique-attributes.ldif renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/ -> install/tools/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/README -> install/tools/README renamed: ipa-server/ipa-compat-manage -> install/tools/ipa-compat-manage renamed: ipa-server/ipa-fix-CVE-2008-3274 -> install/tools/ipa-fix-CVE-2008-3274 renamed: ipa-server/ipa-ldap-updater -> install/tools/ipa-ldap-updater renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/ipa-replica-install -> install/tools/ipa-replica-install renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/ipa-replica-manage -> install/tools/ipa-replica-manage renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/ipa-replica-prepare -> install/tools/ipa-replica-prepare renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/ipa-server-certinstall -> install/tools/ipa-server-certinstall renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/ipa-server-install -> install/tools/ipa-server-install renamed: ipa-server/ipa-upgradeconfig -> install/tools/ipa-upgradeconfig renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/ipactl -> install/tools/ipactl renamed: ipa-server/man/ -> install/tools/man/ renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa-compat-manage.1 -> install/tools/man/ipa-compat-manage.1 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa-ldap-updater.1 -> install/tools/man/ipa-ldap-updater.1 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa-replica-install.1 -> install/tools/man/ipa-replica-install.1 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa-replica-manage.1 -> install/tools/man/ipa-replica-manage.1 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa-replica-prepare.1 -> install/tools/man/ipa-replica-prepare.1 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa-server-certinstall.1 -> install/tools/man/ipa-server-certinstall.1 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa-server-install.1 -> install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa_kpasswd.8 -> install/tools/man/ipa_kpasswd.8 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipa_webgui.8 -> install/tools/man/ipa_webgui.8 renamed: ipa-server/man/ipactl.8 -> install/tools/man/ipactl.8 renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/updates/ -> install/updates/ renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/updates/RFC2307bis.update -> install/updates/RFC2307bis.update renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/updates/RFC4876.update -> install/updates/RFC4876.update renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/updates/indices.update -> install/updates/indices.update renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/updates/nss_ldap.update -> install/updates/nss_ldap.update renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/updates/replication.update -> install/updates/replication.update renamed: ipa-server/ipa-install/updates/winsync_index.update -> install/updates/winsync_index.update renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/ipaserver/ -> ipaserver/install/ renamed: ipa-server/selinux/Makefile -> selinux/Makefile renamed: ipa-server/selinux/ -> selinux/ renamed: ipa-server/selinux/ipa_kpasswd/ipa_kpasswd.fc -> selinux/ipa_kpasswd/ipa_kpasswd.fc renamed: ipa-server/selinux/ipa_kpasswd/ipa_kpasswd.te -> selinux/ipa_kpasswd/ipa_kpasswd.te renamed: ipa-server/selinux/ipa_webgui/ipa_webgui.fc -> selinux/ipa_webgui/ipa_webgui.fc renamed: ipa-server/selinux/ipa_webgui/ipa_webgui.te -> selinux/ipa_webgui/ipa_webgui.te renamed: ipa-server/ ->