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committerRob Crittenden <>2011-03-15 14:09:57 -0400
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Fix SELinux errors caused by enabling TLS on dogtag 389-ds instance.
This fixes 2 AVCS: * One because we are enabling port 7390 because an SSL port must be defined to use TLS On 7389. * We were symlinking to the main IPA 389-ds NSS certificate databsae. Instead generate a separate NSS database and certificate and have certmonger track it separately I also noticed some variable inconsistency in Everywhere else we use self.fqdn and that was using self.host_name. I found it confusing so I fixed it. ticket 1085
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@@ -497,6 +497,7 @@ class DsInstance(service.Service):
# We only handle one server cert
nickname = server_certs[0][0]
self.dercert = dsdb.get_cert_from_db(nickname)
+ dsdb.track_server_cert(nickname, self.principal, dsdb.passwd_fname)
nickname = "Server-Cert"
cadb = certs.CertDB(self.realm_name, host_name=self.fqdn, subject_base=self.subject_base)