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Create tool to manage dogtag replication agreements
For the most part the existing replication code worked with the following exceptions: - Added more port options - It assumed that initial connections were done to an SSL port. Added ability to use startTLS - It assumed that the name of the agreement was the same on both sides. In dogtag one is marked as master and one as clone. A new option is added, master, the determines which side we're working on or None if it isn't a dogtag agreement. - Don't set the attribute exclude list on dogtag agreements - dogtag doesn't set a schedule by default (which is actually recommended by 389-ds). This causes problems when doing a force-sync though so if one is done we set a schedule to run all the time. Otherwise the temporary schedule can't be removed (LDAP operations error).
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@@ -305,8 +305,8 @@ class DsInstance(service.Service):
- "cn=Directory Manager",
- self.dm_password)
+ r_binddn="cn=Directory Manager",
+ r_bindpw=self.dm_password)
def __enable(self):
self.backup_state("enabled", self.is_enabled())