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committerEndi S. Dewata <>2011-08-23 16:12:05 +0000
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Updated add and delete association dialog titles.
The association table widget and facet have been modified to accept titles for the add and delete dialogs. The table and facet definitions have been modified to specify the appropriate titles. Some unused code have been removed. Ticket #1629
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diff --git a/ipalib/plugins/ b/ipalib/plugins/
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--- a/ipalib/plugins/
+++ b/ipalib/plugins/
@@ -400,12 +400,30 @@ class i18n_messages(Command):
"association": {
- "add":_("Add ${other_entity} into ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "add": {
+ "ipasudorunas":_("Add RunAs ${other_entity} into ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "ipasudorunasgroup":_("Add RunAs Groups into ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "member":_("Add ${other_entity} into ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "memberallowcmd":_("Add Allow ${other_entity} into ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "memberdenycmd":_("Add Deny ${other_entity} into ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "memberof":_("Add ${entity} ${primary_key} into ${other_entity}"),
+ "managedby":_("Add ${other_entity} Managing ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "sourcehost":_("Add Source ${other_entity} into ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ },
"direct_enrollment":_("Direct Enrollment"),
"indirect_enrollment":_("Indirect Enrollment"),
"no_entries":_("No entries."),
"paging":_("Showing ${start} to ${end} of ${total} entries."),
- "remove":_("Remove ${other_entity} from ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "remove": {
+ "ipasudorunas":_("Remove RunAs ${other_entity} from ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "ipasudorunasgroup":_("Remove RunAs Groups from ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "member":_("Remove ${other_entity} from ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "memberallowcmd":_("Remove Allow ${other_entity} from ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "memberdenycmd":_("Remove Deny ${other_entity} from ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "memberof":_("Remove ${entity} ${primary_key} from ${other_entity}"),
+ "managedby":_("Remove ${other_entity} Managing ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ "sourcehost":_("Remove Source ${other_entity} from ${entity} ${primary_key}"),
+ },
"show_results":_("Show Results"),
"widget": {