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authorJakub Hrozek <>2010-10-29 20:24:31 +0200
committerRob Crittenden <>2010-11-09 13:28:10 -0500
commit594adb98773d365efda5a7449f66042015645f7f (patch)
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Log script options to logfile
Uses a new subclass IPAOptionParser in scripts instead of OptionParser from the standard python library. IPAOptionParser uses its own IPAOption class to store options, which adds a new 'sensitive' attribute.
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diff --git a/ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install b/ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install
index b1e001c..8f4b9d2 100755
--- a/ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install
+++ b/ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install
@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ try:
import logging
import tempfile
import getpass
- from optparse import OptionParser
import ipaclient.ipadiscovery
import ipaclient.ipachangeconf
import ipaclient.ntpconf
@@ -36,6 +35,7 @@ try:
from ipapython import sysrestore
from ipapython import version
from ipapython import certmonger
+ from ipapython.config import IPAOptionParser
import SSSDConfig
from ConfigParser import RawConfigParser
except ImportError:
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ error was:
client_nss_nickname = 'IPA Machine Certificate - %s' % socket.getfqdn()
def parse_options():
- parser = OptionParser(version=version.VERSION)
+ parser = IPAOptionParser(version=version.VERSION)
parser.add_option("--domain", dest="domain", help="domain name")
parser.add_option("--server", dest="server", help="IPA server")
parser.add_option("--realm", dest="realm_name", help="realm name")
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ def parse_options():
help="do not configure sssd", default=True, dest="sssd")
parser.add_option("-N", "--no-ntp", action="store_false",
help="do not configure ntp", default=True, dest="conf_ntp")
- parser.add_option("-w", "--password", dest="password",
+ parser.add_option("-w", "--password", dest="password", sensitive=True,
help="password to join the IPA realm (assumes bulk password unless principal is also set)"),
parser.add_option("-W", dest="prompt_password", action="store_true",
@@ -83,11 +83,12 @@ def parse_options():
default=False, help="uninstall an existing installation")
options, args = parser.parse_args()
+ safe_opts = parser.get_safe_opts(options)
if (options.server and not options.domain):
parser.error("--server cannot be used without providing --domain")
- return options
+ return safe_opts, options
def logging_setup(options):
# Always log everything (i.e., DEBUG) to the log
@@ -500,8 +501,9 @@ def configure_sssd_conf(fstore, cli_domain, cli_server, options):
return 0
def main():
- options = parse_options()
+ safe_options, options = parse_options()
+ logging.debug('%s was invoked with options: %s' % (sys.argv[0], safe_options))
dnsok = False