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authorMartin Kosek <>2011-10-13 12:16:15 +0200
committerRob Crittenden <>2011-10-13 00:54:41 -0400
commit77cc5e024601ae7be6ce706499d5f403c8b71408 (patch)
parent9bff6cb8a955c3f4b167e05856b40f6e2ee5dca8 (diff)
Hostname used by IPA must be a system hostname
Make sure that the hostname IPA uses is a system hostname. If user passes a non-system hostname, update the network settings and system hostname in the same way that ipa-client-install does. This step should prevent various services failures which may not be ready to talk to IPA with non-system hostname.
4 files changed, 27 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/install/tools/ipa-server-install b/install/tools/ipa-server-install
index 7839dbd..6d64388 100755
--- a/install/tools/ipa-server-install
+++ b/install/tools/ipa-server-install
@@ -524,6 +524,14 @@ def uninstall():
+ old_hostname = sstore.restore_state('network','hostname')
+ system_hostname = get_fqdn()
+ if old_hostname is not None and old_hostname != system_hostname:
+ try:
+['/bin/hostname', old_hostname])
+ except CalledProcessError, e:
+ print >>sys.stderr, "Failed to set this machine hostname back to %s (%s)." % (old_hostname, str(e))
# Now for some sanity checking. Make sure everything was really
# uninstalled.
serverids = dsinstance.check_existing_installation()
@@ -751,6 +759,15 @@ def main():
host_name = host_name.lower()
logging.debug("will use host_name: %s\n" % host_name)
+ system_hostname = get_fqdn()
+ if host_name != system_hostname:
+ print >>sys.stderr
+ print >>sys.stderr, "Warning: hostname %s does not match system hostname %s." \
+ % (host_name, system_hostname)
+ print >>sys.stderr, "System hostname will be updated during the installation process"
+ print >>sys.stderr, "to prevent service failures."
+ print >>sys.stderr
if not options.domain_name:
domain_name = read_domain_name(host_name[host_name.find(".")+1:], options.unattended)
logging.debug("read domain_name: %s\n" % domain_name)
@@ -871,6 +888,12 @@ def main():
print "Please wait until the prompt is returned."
print ""
+ if host_name != system_hostname:
+ logging.debug("Chosen hostname (%s) differs from system hostname (%s) - change it" \
+ % (host_name, system_hostname))
+ # configure /etc/sysconfig/network to contain the custom hostname
+ ipaservices.backup_and_replace_hostname(fstore, sstore, host_name)
# Create DS group if it doesn't exist yet
diff --git a/install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1 b/install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1
index 7cc4983..920c134 100644
--- a/install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1
+++ b/install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ The kerberos master password (normally autogenerated)
The password for the IPA admin user
-The fully\-qualified DNS name of this server
+The fully\-qualified DNS name of this server. If the hostname does not match system hostname, the system hostname will be updated accordingly to prevent service failures.
The IP address of this server. If this address does not match the address the host resolves to and --setup-dns is not selected the installation will fail.
diff --git a/ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install b/ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install
index dd9b436..fd927d2 100755
--- a/ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install
+++ b/ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install
@@ -955,8 +955,10 @@ def install(options, env, fstore, statestore):
if not options.unattended and not user_input("Continue to configure the system with these values?", False):
- if options.hostname:
+ if options.hostname and not options.on_master:
# configure /etc/sysconfig/network to contain the hostname we set.
+ # skip this step when run by ipa-server-install as it always configures
+ # hostname if different from system hostname
ipaservices.backup_and_replace_hostname(fstore, statestore, options.hostname)
if not options.unattended:
diff --git a/ipaserver/install/ b/ipaserver/install/
index 14c43fe..ea629e5 100644
--- a/ipaserver/install/
+++ b/ipaserver/install/
@@ -160,11 +160,6 @@ def verify_fqdn(host_name, no_host_dns=False, local_hostname=True):
except socket.gaierror:
- system_host_name = socket.gethostname()
- if not (host_name + '.').startswith(system_host_name + '.'):
- print "Warning: The host name '%s' does not match the system host name '%s'." % (host_name, system_host_name)
- print " Some services may not work properly."
if no_host_dns:
print "Warning: skipping DNS resolution of host", host_name