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authorJan Zeleny <>2011-02-15 08:22:13 -0500
committerRob Crittenden <>2011-02-18 10:37:46 -0500
commit7fe78b4e48ab54ef819244d13c7bd7f76ca9faa0 (patch)
parent478186e4852601f83153f657e9ccb2a472d45d38 (diff)
Fixes in ipa-join man page
2 files changed, 11 insertions, 11 deletions
diff --git a/ipa-client/ipa-join.c b/ipa-client/ipa-join.c
index c3818f2..b66c429 100644
--- a/ipa-client/ipa-join.c
+++ b/ipa-client/ipa-join.c
@@ -1035,19 +1035,19 @@ main(int argc, const char **argv) {
int unenroll = 0;
struct poptOption options[] = {
{ "debug", 'd', POPT_ARG_NONE, &debug, 0,
- _("Print the raw XML-RPC output"), _("XML-RPC debugging Output") },
+ _("Print the raw XML-RPC output in GSSAPI mode"), NULL },
{ "quiet", 'q', POPT_ARG_NONE, &quiet, 0,
- _("Print as little as possible"), _("Output only on errors") },
+ _("Quiet mode. Only errors are displayed."), NULL },
{ "unenroll", 'u', POPT_ARG_NONE, &unenroll, 0,
- _("Unenroll this host"), _("Unenroll this host from IPA server") },
+ _("Unenroll this host from IPA server"), NULL },
{ "hostname", 'h', POPT_ARG_STRING, &hostname, 0,
- _("Use this hostname instead of the node name"), _("Host Name") },
+ _("Hostname of this server"), _("hostname") },
{ "server", 's', POPT_ARG_STRING, &server, 0,
- _("IPA Server to use"), _("IPA Server Name") },
+ _("IPA Server to use"), _("hostname") },
{ "keytab", 'k', POPT_ARG_STRING, &keytab, 0,
- _("File were to store the keytab information"), _("Keytab File Name") },
+ _("Specifies where to store keytab information."), _("filename") },
{ "bindpw", 'w', POPT_ARG_STRING, &bindpw, 0,
- _("LDAP password"), _("password to use if not using kerberos") },
+ _("LDAP password (if not using Kerberos)"), _("password") },
diff --git a/ipa-client/man/ipa-join.1 b/ipa-client/man/ipa-join.1
index 47d5966..b46b258 100644
--- a/ipa-client/man/ipa-join.1
+++ b/ipa-client/man/ipa-join.1
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
ipa\-join \- Join a machine to an IPA realm and get a keytab for the host service principal
-ipa\-join [ \fB\-h\fR hostname ] [ \fB\-k\fR keytab\-file ] [ \fB\-s\fR server ] [ \fB\-w\fR bulk\-bind\-password ] [\fB\-u\fR] [ \fB\-d\fR ] [ \fB\-q\fR ]
+ipa\-join [\fB\-d\fR|\fB\-\-debug\fR] [\fB\-q\fR|\fB\-\-quiet\fR] [\fB\-u\fR|\fB\-\-unenroll\fR] [\fB\-h\fR|\fB\-\-hostname\fR hostname] [\fB\-s\fR|\fB\-\-server\fR hostame] [\fB\-k\fR|\fB\-\-keytab\fR filename] [\fB\-w\fR|\fB\-\-bindpw\fR password] [\fB\-?\fR|\fB\-\-help\fR] [\fB\-\-usage\fR]
Joins a host to an IPA realm and retrieves a kerberos \fIkeytab\fR for the host service principal, or unenrolls an enrolled host from an IPA server.
@@ -48,13 +48,13 @@ The reverse is unenrollment. Unenrolling a host removes the Kerberos key on the
The hostname of this server (FQDN). By default of nodename from uname(2) is used.
\fB\-s,\-\-server server\fR
-The hostname of this server (FQDN). By default of nodename from uname(2) is used.
+The hostname of the IPA server (FQDN). Note that by default there is no /etc/ipa/default.conf, in most cases it needs to be supplied.
\fB\-k,\-\-keytab keytab\-file\fR
The keytab file where to append the new key (will be created if it does not exist). Default: /etc/krb5.keytab
\fB\-w,\-\-bindpw password\fR
-The password to use if not using kerberos to authenticate
+The password to use if not using Kerberos to authenticate. Use a password of this particular host (one time password created on IPA server)
Unenroll this host from the IPA server
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ Unenroll this host from the IPA server
Quiet mode. Only errors are displayed.
-Debug mode.
+Print the raw XML-RPC output in GSSAPI mode.
Join IPA domain and retrieve a keytab with kerberos credentials.