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+++ b/arch/arm/plat-mxc/include/mach/common.h
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+ * Copyright 2004-2007 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
+ */
+ * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
+ * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
+ * published by the Free Software Foundation.
+ */
+#ifndef __ASM_ARCH_MXC_COMMON_H__
+#define __ASM_ARCH_MXC_COMMON_H__
+struct platform_device;
+struct clk;
+enum mxc_cpu_pwr_mode;
+extern void mx1_map_io(void);
+extern void mx21_map_io(void);
+extern void mx25_map_io(void);
+extern void mx27_map_io(void);
+extern void mx31_map_io(void);
+extern void mx35_map_io(void);
+extern void mx50_map_io(void);
+extern void mx51_map_io(void);
+extern void mx53_map_io(void);
+extern void imx1_init_early(void);
+extern void imx21_init_early(void);
+extern void imx25_init_early(void);
+extern void imx27_init_early(void);
+extern void imx31_init_early(void);
+extern void imx35_init_early(void);
+extern void imx50_init_early(void);
+extern void imx51_init_early(void);
+extern void imx53_init_early(void);
+extern void mxc_init_irq(void __iomem *);
+extern void tzic_init_irq(void __iomem *);
+extern void mx1_init_irq(void);
+extern void mx21_init_irq(void);
+extern void mx25_init_irq(void);
+extern void mx27_init_irq(void);
+extern void mx31_init_irq(void);
+extern void mx35_init_irq(void);
+extern void mx50_init_irq(void);
+extern void mx51_init_irq(void);
+extern void mx53_init_irq(void);
+extern void imx1_soc_init(void);
+extern void imx21_soc_init(void);
+extern void imx25_soc_init(void);
+extern void imx27_soc_init(void);
+extern void imx31_soc_init(void);
+extern void imx35_soc_init(void);
+extern void imx50_soc_init(void);
+extern void imx51_soc_init(void);
+extern void imx53_soc_init(void);
+extern void epit_timer_init(struct clk *timer_clk, void __iomem *base, int irq);
+extern void mxc_timer_init(struct clk *timer_clk, void __iomem *, int);
+extern int mx1_clocks_init(unsigned long fref);
+extern int mx21_clocks_init(unsigned long lref, unsigned long fref);
+extern int mx25_clocks_init(void);
+extern int mx27_clocks_init(unsigned long fref);
+extern int mx31_clocks_init(unsigned long fref);
+extern int mx35_clocks_init(void);
+extern int mx51_clocks_init(unsigned long ckil, unsigned long osc,
+ unsigned long ckih1, unsigned long ckih2);
+extern int mx53_clocks_init(unsigned long ckil, unsigned long osc,
+ unsigned long ckih1, unsigned long ckih2);
+extern int mx51_clocks_init_dt(void);
+extern int mx53_clocks_init_dt(void);
+extern int mx6q_clocks_init(void);
+extern struct platform_device *mxc_register_gpio(char *name, int id,
+ resource_size_t iobase, resource_size_t iosize, int irq, int irq_high);
+extern void mxc_set_cpu_type(unsigned int type);
+extern void mxc_restart(char, const char *);
+extern void mxc_arch_reset_init(void __iomem *);
+extern int mx53_revision(void);
+extern int mx53_display_revision(void);
+enum mxc_cpu_pwr_mode {
+ WAIT_CLOCKED, /* wfi only */
+ STOP_POWER_ON, /* just STOP */
+extern void mx5_cpu_lp_set(enum mxc_cpu_pwr_mode mode);
+extern void imx_print_silicon_rev(const char *cpu, int srev);
+void avic_handle_irq(struct pt_regs *);
+void tzic_handle_irq(struct pt_regs *);
+#define imx1_handle_irq avic_handle_irq
+#define imx21_handle_irq avic_handle_irq
+#define imx25_handle_irq avic_handle_irq
+#define imx27_handle_irq avic_handle_irq
+#define imx31_handle_irq avic_handle_irq
+#define imx35_handle_irq avic_handle_irq
+#define imx50_handle_irq tzic_handle_irq
+#define imx51_handle_irq tzic_handle_irq
+#define imx53_handle_irq tzic_handle_irq
+#define imx6q_handle_irq gic_handle_irq
+extern void imx_enable_cpu(int cpu, bool enable);
+extern void imx_set_cpu_jump(int cpu, void *jump_addr);
+extern void imx_lluart_map_io(void);
+static inline void imx_lluart_map_io(void) {}
+extern void v7_cpu_resume(void);
+extern u32 *pl310_get_save_ptr(void);
+#ifdef CONFIG_SMP
+extern void v7_secondary_startup(void);
+extern void imx_scu_map_io(void);
+extern void imx_smp_prepare(void);
+static inline void imx_scu_map_io(void) {}
+static inline void imx_smp_prepare(void) {}
+extern void imx_enable_cpu(int cpu, bool enable);
+extern void imx_set_cpu_jump(int cpu, void *jump_addr);
+extern void imx_src_init(void);
+extern void imx_src_prepare_restart(void);
+extern void imx_gpc_init(void);
+extern void imx_gpc_pre_suspend(void);
+extern void imx_gpc_post_resume(void);
+extern void imx51_babbage_common_init(void);
+extern void imx53_ard_common_init(void);
+extern void imx53_evk_common_init(void);
+extern void imx53_qsb_common_init(void);
+extern void imx53_smd_common_init(void);
+extern int imx6q_set_lpm(enum mxc_cpu_pwr_mode mode);
+extern void imx6q_clock_map_io(void);
+#ifdef CONFIG_PM
+extern void imx6q_pm_init(void);
+static inline void imx6q_pm_init(void) {}