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diff --git a/arch/arm/mach-spear3xx/include/mach/generic.h b/arch/arm/mach-spear3xx/include/mach/generic.h
index 14276e5a98d..ce19113ca79 100644
--- a/arch/arm/mach-spear3xx/include/mach/generic.h
+++ b/arch/arm/mach-spear3xx/include/mach/generic.h
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
* SPEAr3XX machine family generic header file
* Copyright (C) 2009 ST Microelectronics
- * Viresh Kumar<>
+ * Viresh Kumar<>
* This file is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License version 2. This program is licensed "as is" without any
@@ -14,189 +14,24 @@
#ifndef __MACH_GENERIC_H
#define __MACH_GENERIC_H
+#include <linux/amba/pl08x.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/amba/bus.h>
#include <asm/mach/time.h>
#include <asm/mach/map.h>
-#include <plat/padmux.h>
-/* spear3xx declarations */
- * Each GPT has 2 timer channels
- * Following GPT channels will be used as clock source and clockevent
- */
/* Add spear3xx family device structure declarations here */
-extern struct amba_device spear3xx_gpio_device;
-extern struct amba_device spear3xx_uart_device;
extern struct sys_timer spear3xx_timer;
+extern struct pl022_ssp_controller pl022_plat_data;
+extern struct pl08x_platform_data pl080_plat_data;
/* Add spear3xx family function declarations here */
+void __init spear_setup_of_timer(void);
void __init spear3xx_clk_init(void);
-void __init spear_setup_timer(void);
void __init spear3xx_map_io(void);
-void __init spear3xx_init_irq(void);
-void __init spear3xx_init(void);
+void __init spear3xx_dt_init_irq(void);
void spear_restart(char, const char *);
-/* pad mux declarations */
-#define PMX_FIRDA_MASK (1 << 14)
-#define PMX_I2C_MASK (1 << 13)
-#define PMX_SSP_CS_MASK (1 << 12)
-#define PMX_SSP_MASK (1 << 11)
-#define PMX_MII_MASK (1 << 10)
-#define PMX_GPIO_PIN0_MASK (1 << 9)
-#define PMX_GPIO_PIN1_MASK (1 << 8)
-#define PMX_GPIO_PIN2_MASK (1 << 7)
-#define PMX_GPIO_PIN3_MASK (1 << 6)
-#define PMX_GPIO_PIN4_MASK (1 << 5)
-#define PMX_GPIO_PIN5_MASK (1 << 4)
-#define PMX_UART0_MODEM_MASK (1 << 3)
-#define PMX_UART0_MASK (1 << 2)
-#define PMX_TIMER_3_4_MASK (1 << 1)
-#define PMX_TIMER_1_2_MASK (1 << 0)
-/* pad mux devices */
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_firda;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_i2c;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_ssp_cs;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_ssp;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_mii;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_gpio_pin0;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_gpio_pin1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_gpio_pin2;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_gpio_pin3;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_gpio_pin4;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_gpio_pin5;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_uart0_modem;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_uart0;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_timer_3_4;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_timer_1_2;
-#if defined(CONFIG_MACH_SPEAR310) || defined(CONFIG_MACH_SPEAR320)
-/* padmux plgpio devices */
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_0_1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_2_3;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_4_5;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_6_9;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_10_27;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_28;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_29;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_30;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_31;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_32;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_33;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_34_36;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_37_42;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_43_44_47_48;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear3xx_pmx_plgpio_45_46_49_50;
-/* spear300 declarations */
-/* Add spear300 machine device structure declarations here */
-extern struct amba_device spear300_gpio1_device;
-/* pad mux modes */
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_nand_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_nor_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_photo_frame_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_lend_ip_phone_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_hend_ip_phone_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_lend_wifi_phone_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_hend_wifi_phone_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_ata_pabx_wi2s_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_ata_pabx_i2s_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_caml_lcdw_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_camu_lcd_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_camu_wlcd_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear300_caml_lcd_mode;
-/* pad mux devices */
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_fsmc_2_chips;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_fsmc_4_chips;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_keyboard;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_clcd;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_gpio;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_tdm;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_spi_cs_i2c_clk;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_camera;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_dac;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_i2s;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_boot_pins;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_sdhci_4bit;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_telecom_sdhci_8bit;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear300_pmx_gpio1;
-/* Add spear300 machine function declarations here */
-void __init spear300_init(struct pmx_mode *pmx_mode, struct pmx_dev **pmx_devs,
- u8 pmx_dev_count);
-#endif /* CONFIG_MACH_SPEAR300 */
-/* spear310 declarations */
-/* Add spear310 machine device structure declarations here */
-/* pad mux devices */
-extern struct pmx_dev spear310_pmx_emi_cs_0_1_4_5;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear310_pmx_emi_cs_2_3;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear310_pmx_uart1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear310_pmx_uart2;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear310_pmx_uart3_4_5;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear310_pmx_fsmc;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear310_pmx_rs485_0_1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear310_pmx_tdm0;
-/* Add spear310 machine function declarations here */
-void __init spear310_init(struct pmx_mode *pmx_mode, struct pmx_dev **pmx_devs,
- u8 pmx_dev_count);
-#endif /* CONFIG_MACH_SPEAR310 */
-/* spear320 declarations */
-/* Add spear320 machine device structure declarations here */
-/* pad mux modes */
-extern struct pmx_mode spear320_auto_net_smii_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear320_auto_net_mii_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear320_auto_exp_mode;
-extern struct pmx_mode spear320_small_printers_mode;
-/* pad mux devices */
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_clcd;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_emi;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_fsmc;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_spp;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_sdhci;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_i2s;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_uart1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_uart1_modem;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_uart2;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_touchscreen;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_can;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_sdhci_led;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_pwm0;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_pwm1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_pwm2;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_pwm3;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_ssp1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_ssp2;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_mii1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_smii0;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_smii1;
-extern struct pmx_dev spear320_pmx_i2c1;
-/* Add spear320 machine function declarations here */
-void __init spear320_init(struct pmx_mode *pmx_mode, struct pmx_dev **pmx_devs,
- u8 pmx_dev_count);
-#endif /* CONFIG_MACH_SPEAR320 */
#endif /* __MACH_GENERIC_H */