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-Kernel driver for omap HDQ/1-wire module.
-Supported chips:
- HDQ/1-wire controller on the TI OMAP 2430/3430 platforms.
-A useful link about HDQ basics:
-The HDQ/1-Wire module of TI OMAP2430/3430 platforms implement the hardware
-protocol of the master functions of the Benchmark HDQ and the Dallas
-Semiconductor 1-Wire protocols. These protocols use a single wire for
-communication between the master (HDQ/1-Wire controller) and the slave
-(HDQ/1-Wire external compliant device).
-A typical application of the HDQ/1-Wire module is the communication with battery
-monitor (gas gauge) integrated circuits.
-The controller supports operation in both HDQ and 1-wire mode. The essential
-difference between the HDQ and 1-wire mode is how the slave device responds to
-initialization pulse.In HDQ mode, the firmware does not require the host to
-create an initialization pulse to the slave.However, the slave can be reset by
-using an initialization pulse (also referred to as a break pulse).The slave
-does not respond with a presence pulse as it does in the 1-Wire protocol.
-The driver (drivers/w1/masters/omap_hdq.c) supports the HDQ mode of the
-controller. In this mode, as we can not read the ID which obeys the W1
-spec(family:id:crc), a module parameter can be passed to the driver which will
-be used to calculate the CRC and pass back an appropriate slave ID to the W1
-By default the master driver and the BQ slave i/f
-driver(drivers/w1/slaves/w1_bq27000.c) sets the ID to 1.
-Please note to load both the modules with a different ID if required, but note
-that the ID used should be same for both master and slave driver loading.
-insmod omap_hdq.ko W1_ID=2
-inamod w1_bq27000.ko F_ID=2