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@@ -81,28 +81,8 @@ additional registers to the magic page. If you add fields to the magic page,
also define a new hypercall feature to indicate that the host can give you more
registers. Only if the host supports the additional features, make use of them.
-The magic page has the following layout as described in
-struct kvm_vcpu_arch_shared {
- __u64 scratch1;
- __u64 scratch2;
- __u64 scratch3;
- __u64 critical; /* Guest may not get interrupts if == r1 */
- __u64 sprg0;
- __u64 sprg1;
- __u64 sprg2;
- __u64 sprg3;
- __u64 srr0;
- __u64 srr1;
- __u64 dar;
- __u64 msr;
- __u32 dsisr;
- __u32 int_pending; /* Tells the guest if we have an interrupt */
-Additions to the page must only occur at the end. Struct fields are always 32
-or 64 bit aligned, depending on them being 32 or 64 bit wide respectively.
+The magic page layout is described by struct kvm_vcpu_arch_shared
+in arch/powerpc/include/asm/kvm_para.h.
Magic page features