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-Zoran 364xx based USB webcam module version 0.72
-This brings support under Linux for the Aiptek PocketDV 3300 in webcam mode.
-If you just want to get on your PC the pictures and movies on the camera, you should use the usb-storage module instead.
-The driver works with several other cameras in webcam mode (see the list below).
-Maybe this code can work for other JPEG/USB cams based on the Coach chips from Zoran?
-Possible chipsets are : ZR36430 (ZR36430BGC) and maybe ZR36431, ZR36440, ZR36442...
-You can try the experience changing the vendor/product ID values (look at the source code).
-You can get these values by looking at /var/log/messages when you plug your camera, or by typing : cat /proc/bus/usb/devices.
-If you manage to use your cam with this code, you can send me a mail ( with the name of your cam and a patch if needed.
-This is a beta release of the driver.
-Since version 0.70, this driver is only compatible with V4L2 API and 2.6.x kernels.
-If you need V4L1 or 2.4x kernels support, please use an older version, but the code is not maintained anymore.
-Good luck!
-In order to use this driver, you must compile it with your kernel.
-Location: Device Drivers -> Multimedia devices -> Video For Linux -> Video Capture Adapters -> V4L USB devices
-modprobe zr364xx debug=X mode=Y
- - debug : set to 1 to enable verbose debug messages
- - mode : 0 = 320x240, 1 = 160x120, 2 = 640x480
-You can then use the camera with V4L2 compatible applications, for example Ekiga.
-To capture a single image, try this: dd if=/dev/video0 of=test.jpg bs=1M count=1
-links :
- (support for many others cams including some Aiptek PocketDV)
- (this project also supports cameras based on this chipset)
-supported devices:
------- ------- ----------- -----
-Vendor Product Distributor Model
------- ------- ----------- -----
-0x08ca 0x0109 Aiptek PocketDV 3300
-0x08ca 0x0109 Maxell Maxcam PRO DV3
-0x041e 0x4024 Creative PC-CAM 880
-0x0d64 0x0108 Aiptek Fidelity 3200
-0x0d64 0x0108 Praktica DCZ 1.3 S
-0x0d64 0x0108 Genius Digital Camera (?)
-0x0d64 0x0108 DXG Technology Fashion Cam
-0x0546 0x3187 Polaroid iON 230
-0x0d64 0x3108 Praktica Exakta DC 2200
-0x0d64 0x3108 Genius G-Shot D211
-0x0595 0x4343 Concord Eye-Q Duo 1300
-0x0595 0x4343 Concord Eye-Q Duo 2000
-0x0595 0x4343 Fujifilm EX-10
-0x0595 0x4343 Ricoh RDC-6000
-0x0595 0x4343 Digitrex DSC 1300
-0x0595 0x4343 Firstline FDC 2000
-0x0bb0 0x500d Concord EyeQ Go Wireless
-0x0feb 0x2004 CRS Electronic 3.3 Digital Camera
-0x0feb 0x2004 Packard Bell DSC-300
-0x055f 0xb500 Mustek MDC 3000
-0x08ca 0x2062 Aiptek PocketDV 5700
-0x052b 0x1a18 Chiphead Megapix V12
-0x04c8 0x0729 Konica Revio 2
-0x04f2 0xa208 Creative PC-CAM 850
-0x0784 0x0040 Traveler Slimline X5
-0x06d6 0x0034 Trust Powerc@m 750
-0x0a17 0x0062 Pentax Optio 50L
-0x06d6 0x003b Trust Powerc@m 970Z
-0x0a17 0x004e Pentax Optio 50
-0x041e 0x405d Creative DiVi CAM 516
-0x08ca 0x2102 Aiptek DV T300
-0x06d6 0x003d Trust Powerc@m 910Z