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-If the box freezes hard with bttv ...
-It might be a bttv driver bug. It also might be bad hardware. It also
-might be something else ...
-Just mailing me "bttv freezes" isn't going to help much. This README
-has a few hints how you can help to pin down the problem.
-bttv bugs
-If some version works and another doesn't it is likely to be a driver
-bug. It is very helpful if you can tell where exactly it broke
-(i.e. the last working and the first broken version).
-With a hard freeze you probably doesn't find anything in the logfiles.
-The only way to capture any kernel messages is to hook up a serial
-console and let some terminal application log the messages. /me uses
-screen. See Documentation/serial-console.txt for details on setting
-up a serial console.
-Read Documentation/oops-tracing.txt to learn how to get any useful
-information out of a register+stack dump printed by the kernel on
-protection faults (so-called "kernel oops").
-If you run into some kind of deadlock, you can try to dump a call trace
-for each process using sysrq-t (see Documentation/sysrq.txt).
-This way it is possible to figure where *exactly* some process in "D"
-state is stuck.
-I've seen reports that bttv 0.7.x crashes whereas 0.8.x works rock solid
-for some people. Thus probably a small buglet left somewhere in bttv
-0.7.x. I have no idea where exactly, it works stable for me and a lot of
-other people. But in case you have problems with the 0.7.x versions you
-can give 0.8.x a try ...
-hardware bugs
-Some hardware can't deal with PCI-PCI transfers (i.e. grabber => vga).
-Sometimes problems show up with bttv just because of the high load on
-the PCI bus. The bt848/878 chips have a few workarounds for known
-incompatibilities, see README.quirks.
-Some folks report that increasing the pci latency helps too,
-althrought I'm not sure whenever this really fixes the problems or
-only makes it less likely to happen. Both bttv and btaudio have a
-insmod option to set the PCI latency of the device.
-Some mainboard have problems to deal correctly with multiple devices
-doing DMA at the same time. bttv + ide seems to cause this sometimes,
-if this is the case you likely see freezes only with video and hard disk
-access at the same time. Updating the IDE driver to get the latest and
-greatest workarounds for hardware bugs might fix these problems.
-If you use some binary-only yunk (like nvidia module) try to reproduce
-the problem without.
-IRQ sharing is known to cause problems in some cases. It works just
-fine in theory and many configurations. Neverless it might be worth a
-try to shuffle around the PCI cards to give bttv another IRQ or make
-it share the IRQ with some other piece of hardware. IRQ sharing with
-VGA cards seems to cause trouble sometimes. I've also seen funny
-effects with bttv sharing the IRQ with the ACPI bridge (and
-apci-enabled kernel).