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-The "ohci-hcd" driver is a USB Host Controller Driver (HCD) that is derived
-from the "usb-ohci" driver from the 2.4 kernel series. The "usb-ohci" code
-was written primarily by Roman Weissgaerber <> but with
-contributions from many others (read its copyright/licencing header).
-It supports the "Open Host Controller Interface" (OHCI), which standardizes
-hardware register protocols used to talk to USB 1.1 host controllers. As
-compared to the earlier "Universal Host Controller Interface" (UHCI) from
-Intel, it pushes more intelligence into the hardware. USB 1.1 controllers
-from vendors other than Intel and VIA generally use OHCI.
-Changes since the 2.4 kernel include
- - improved robustness; bugfixes; and less overhead
- - supports the updated and simplified usbcore APIs
- - interrupt transfers can be larger, and can be queued
- - less code, by using the upper level "hcd" framework
- - supports some non-PCI implementations of OHCI
- - ... more
-The "ohci-hcd" driver handles all USB 1.1 transfer types. Transfers of all
-types can be queued. That was also true in "usb-ohci", except for interrupt
-transfers. Previously, using periods of one frame would risk data loss due
-to overhead in IRQ processing. When interrupt transfers are queued, those
-risks can be minimized by making sure the hardware always has transfers to
-work on while the OS is getting around to the relevant IRQ processing.
-- David Brownell
- <>