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+- 0.3 - Created based off of scanner & INSTALL from the original touchscreen
+ driver on freshmeat (
+- Amended for linux-2.4.18, then 2.4.19
+- 0.5 - Complete rewrite using Linux Input in 2.6.3
+ Unfortunately no calibration support at this time
+- 1.4 - Multiple changes to support the EXII 5000UC and house cleaning
+ Changed reset from standard USB dev reset to vendor reset
+ Changed data sent to host from compensated to raw coordinates
+ Eliminated vendor/product module params
+ Performed multiple successful tests with an EXII-5010UC
+ All controllers have the Vendor: 0x0596 & Product: 0x0001
+ Controller Description Part Number
+ ------------------------------------------------------
+ USB Capacitive - Pearl Case 14-205 (Discontinued)
+ USB Capacitive - Black Case 14-124 (Discontinued)
+ USB Capacitive - No Case 14-206 (Discontinued)
+ USB Capacitive - Pearl Case EXII-5010UC
+ USB Capacitive - Black Case EXII-5030UC
+ USB Capacitive - No Case EXII-5050UC
+Installation is simple, you only need to add Linux Input, Linux USB, and the
+driver to the kernel. The driver can also be optionally built as a module.
+This driver appears to be one of possible 2 Linux USB Input Touchscreen
+drivers. Although 3M produces a binary only driver available for
+download, I persist in updating this driver since I would like to use the
+touchscreen for embedded apps using QTEmbedded, DirectFB, etc. So I feel the
+logical choice is to use Linux Input.
+Currently there is no way to calibrate the device via this driver. Even if
+the device could be calibrated, the driver pulls to raw coordinate data from
+the controller. This means calibration must be performed within the
+The controller screen resolution is now 0 to 16384 for both X and Y reporting
+the raw touch data. This is the same for the old and new capacitive USB
+Perhaps at some point an abstract function will be placed into evdev so
+generic functions like calibrations, resets, and vendor information can be
+requested from the userspace (And the drivers would handle the vendor specific
+Implement a control urb again to handle requests to and from the device
+such as calibration, etc once/if it becomes available.
+I am not a MicroTouch/3M employee, nor have I ever been. 3M does not support
+this driver! If you want touch drivers only supported within X, please go to:
+A huge thank you to 3M Touch Systems for the EXII-5010UC controllers for