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-Infinity Usb Unlimited Readme
-Hi all,
-This module provide a serial interface to use your
-IUU unit in phoenix mode. Loading this module will
-bring a ttyUSB[0-x] interface. This driver must be
-used by your favorite application to pilot the IUU
-This driver is still in beta stage, so bugs can
-occur and your system may freeze. As far I now,
-I never had any problem with it, but I'm not a real
-guru, so don't blame me if your system is unstable
-You can plug more than one IUU. Every unit will
-have his own device file(/dev/ttyUSB0,/dev/ttyUSB1,...)
-How to tune the reader speed ?
- A few parameters can be used at load time
- To use parameters, just unload the module if it is
- already loaded and use modprobe iuu_phoenix param=value.
- In case of prebuilt module, use the command
- insmod iuu_phoenix param=value.
- Example:
- modprobe iuu_phoenix clockmode=3
- The parameters are:
- parm: clockmode:1=3Mhz579,2=3Mhz680,3=6Mhz (int)
- parm: boost:overclock boost percent 100 to 500 (int)
- parm: cdmode:Card detect mode 0=none, 1=CD, 2=!CD, 3=DSR, 4=!DSR, 5=CTS, 6=!CTS, 7=RING, 8=!RING (int)
- parm: xmas:xmas color enabled or not (bool)
- parm: debug:Debug enabled or not (bool)
-- clockmode will provide 3 different base settings commonly adopted by
- different software:
- 1. 3Mhz579
- 2. 3Mhz680
- 3. 6Mhz
-- boost provide a way to overclock the reader ( my favorite :-) )
- For example to have best performance than a simple clockmode=3, try this:
- modprobe boost=195
- This will put the reader in a base of 3Mhz579 but boosted a 195 % !
- the real clock will be now : 6979050 Hz ( 6Mhz979 ) and will increase
- the speed to a score 10 to 20% better than the simple clockmode=3 !!!
-- cdmode permit to setup the signal used to inform the userland ( ioctl answer )
- if the card is present or not. Eight signals are possible.
-- xmas is completely useless except for your eyes. This is one of my friend who was
- so sad to have a nice device like the iuu without seeing all color range available.
- So I have added this option to permit him to see a lot of color ( each activity change the color
- and the frequency randomly )
-- debug will produce a lot of debugging messages...
- Last notes:
- Don't worry about the serial settings, the serial emulation
- is an abstraction, so use any speed or parity setting will
- work. ( This will not change anything ).Later I will perhaps
- use this settings to deduce de boost but is that feature
- really necessary ?
- The autodetect feature used is the serial CD. If that doesn't
- work for your software, disable detection mechanism in it.
- Have fun !
- Alain Degreffe
- eczema(at)