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-Documentation for /proc/sys/ kernel version 2.2.10
- (c) 1998, 1999, Rik van Riel <>
-'Why', I hear you ask, 'would anyone even _want_ documentation
-for them sysctl files? If anybody really needs it, it's all in
-the source...'
-Well, this documentation is written because some people either
-don't know they need to tweak something, or because they don't
-have the time or knowledge to read the source code.
-Furthermore, the programmers who built sysctl have built it to
-be actually used, not just for the fun of programming it :-)
-Legal blurb:
-As usual, there are two main things to consider:
-1. you get what you pay for
-2. it's free
-The consequences are that I won't guarantee the correctness of
-this document, and if you come to me complaining about how you
-screwed up your system because of wrong documentation, I won't
-feel sorry for you. I might even laugh at you...
-But of course, if you _do_ manage to screw up your system using
-only the sysctl options used in this file, I'd like to hear of
-it. Not only to have a great laugh, but also to make sure that
-you're the last RTFMing person to screw up.
-In short, e-mail your suggestions, corrections and / or horror
-stories to: <>
-Rik van Riel.
-Sysctl is a means of configuring certain aspects of the kernel
-at run-time, and the /proc/sys/ directory is there so that you
-don't even need special tools to do it!
-In fact, there are only four things needed to use these config
-- a running Linux system
-- root access
-- common sense (this is especially hard to come by these days)
-- knowledge of what all those values mean
-As a quick 'ls /proc/sys' will show, the directory consists of
-several (arch-dependent?) subdirs. Each subdir is mainly about
-one part of the kernel, so you can do configuration on a piece
-by piece basis, or just some 'thematic frobbing'.
-The subdirs are about:
-abi/ execution domains & personalities
-debug/ <empty>
-dev/ device specific information (eg dev/cdrom/info)
-fs/ specific filesystems
- filehandle, inode, dentry and quota tuning
- binfmt_misc <Documentation/binfmt_misc.txt>
-kernel/ global kernel info / tuning
- miscellaneous stuff
-net/ networking stuff, for documentation look in:
- <Documentation/networking/>
-proc/ <empty>
-sunrpc/ SUN Remote Procedure Call (NFS)
-vm/ memory management tuning
- buffer and cache management
-These are the subdirs I have on my system. There might be more
-or other subdirs in another setup. If you see another dir, I'd
-really like to hear about it :-)