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-The PSS cards and other ECHO based cards provide an onboard DSP with
-downloadable programs and also has an AD1848 "Microsoft Sound System"
-device. The PSS driver enables MSS and MPU401 modes of the card. SB
-is not enabled since it doesn't work concurrently with MSS.
-If you build this driver as a module then the driver takes the following
-pss_io. The I/O base the PSS card is configured at (normally 0x220
- or 0x240)
-mss_io The base address of the Microsoft Sound System interface.
- This is normally 0x530, but may be 0x604 or other addresses.
-mss_irq The interrupt assigned to the Microsoft Sound System
- emulation. IRQ's 3,5,7,9,10,11 and 12 are available. If you
- get IRQ errors be sure to check the interrupt is set to
- "ISA/Legacy" in the BIOS on modern machines.
-mss_dma The DMA channel used by the Microsoft Sound System.
- This can be 0, 1, or 3. DMA 0 is not available on older
- machines and will cause a crash on them.
-mpu_io The MPU emulation base address. This sets the base of the
- synthesizer. It is typically 0x330 but can be altered.
-mpu_irq The interrupt to use for the synthesizer. It must differ
- from the IRQ used by the Microsoft Sound System port.
-The mpu_io/mpu_irq fields are optional. If they are not specified the
-synthesizer parts are not configured.
-When the module is loaded it looks for a file called
-/etc/sound/pss_synth. This is the firmware file from the DOS install disks.
-This fil holds a general MIDI emulation. The file expected is called
-genmidi.ld on newer DOS driver install disks and synth.ld on older ones.
-You can also load alternative DSP algorithms into the card if you wish. One
-alternative driver can be found at