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-The SGI Visual Workstations (models 320 and 540) are based around
-the Cobalt, Lithium, and Arsenic ASICs. The Cobalt ASIC is the
-main system ASIC which interfaces the 1-4 IA32 cpus, the memory
-system, and the I/O system in the Lithium ASIC. The Cobalt ASIC
-also contains the 3D gfx rendering engine which renders to main
-system memory -- part of which is used as the frame buffer which
-is DMA'ed to a video connector using the Arsenic ASIC. A PIIX4
-chip and NS87307 are used to provide legacy device support (IDE,
-serial, floppy, and parallel).
-The Visual Workstation chipset largely conforms to the PC architecture
-with some notable exceptions such as interrupt handling.