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-README file for the Linux g_NCR5380 driver.
-(c) 1993 Drew Eckhard
-NCR53c400 extensions (c) 1994,1995,1996 Kevin Lentin
-This file documents the NCR53c400 extensions by Kevin Lentin and some
-enhancements to the NCR5380 core.
-This driver supports both NCR5380 and NCR53c400 cards in port or memory
-mapped modes. Currently this driver can only support one of those mapping
-modes at a time but it does support both of these chips at the same time.
-The next release of this driver will support port & memory mapped cards at
-the same time. It should be able to handle multiple different cards in the
-same machine.
-The drivers/scsi/Makefile has an override in it for the most common
-NCR53c400 card, the Trantor T130B in its default configuration:
- Port: 0x350
- IRQ : 5
-The NCR53c400 does not support DMA but it does have Pseudo-DMA which is
-supported by the driver.
-If the default configuration does not work for you, you can use the kernel
-command lines (eg using the lilo append command):
- ncr5380=port,irq,dma
- ncr53c400=port,irq
- ncr5380=base,irq,dma
- ncr53c400=base,irq
-The driver does not probe for any addresses or ports other than those in
-the OVERRIDE or given to the kernel as above.
-This driver provides some information on what it has detected in
-/proc/scsi/g_NCR5380/x where x is the scsi card number as detected at boot
-time. More info to come in the future.
-When NCR53c400 support is compiled in, BIOS parameters will be returned by
-the driver (the raw 5380 driver does not and I don't plan to fiddle with
-This driver works as a module.
-When included as a module, parameters can be passed on the insmod/modprobe
-command line:
- ncr_irq=xx the interrupt
- ncr_addr=xx the port or base address (for port or memory
- mapped, resp.)
- ncr_dma=xx the DMA
- ncr_5380=1 to set up for a NCR5380 board
- ncr_53c400=1 to set up for a NCR53C400 board
-modprobe g_NCR5380 ncr_irq=5 ncr_addr=0x350 ncr_5380=1
- for a port mapped NCR5380 board or
-modprobe g_NCR5380 ncr_irq=255 ncr_addr=0xc8000 ncr_53c400=1
- for a memory mapped NCR53C400 board with interrupts disabled.
-(255 should be specified for no or DMA interrupt, 254 to autoprobe for an
- IRQ line if overridden on the command line.)
-Kevin Lentin