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-Linux Kernel SCTP
-This is the current BETA release of the Linux Kernel SCTP reference
-SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) is a IP based, message oriented,
-reliable transport protocol, with congestion control, support for
-transparent multi-homing, and multiple ordered streams of messages.
-RFC2960 defines the core protocol. The IETF SIGTRAN working group originally
-developed the SCTP protocol and later handed the protocol over to the
-Transport Area (TSVWG) working group for the continued evolvement of SCTP as a
-general purpose transport.
-See the IETF website ( for further documents on SCTP.
-The initial project goal is to create an Linux kernel reference implementation
-of SCTP that is RFC 2960 compliant and provides an programming interface
-referred to as the UDP-style API of the Sockets Extensions for SCTP, as
-proposed in IETF Internet-Drafts.
--lksctp can be built as statically or as a module. However, be aware that
-module removal of lksctp is not yet a safe activity.
--There is tentative support for IPv6, but most work has gone towards
-implementation and testing lksctp on IPv4.
-For more information, please visit the lksctp project website:
-Or contact the lksctp developers through the mailing list:
- <>