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@@ -152,3 +152,16 @@ NETIF_F_VLAN_CHALLENGED should be set for devices which can't cope with VLAN
headers. Some drivers set this because the cards can't handle the bigger MTU.
[FIXME: Those cases could be fixed in VLAN code by allowing only reduced-MTU
VLANs. This may be not useful, though.]
+* rx-fcs
+This requests that the NIC append the Ethernet Frame Checksum (FCS)
+to the end of the skb data. This allows sniffers and other tools to
+read the CRC recorded by the NIC on receipt of the packet.
+* rx-all
+This requests that the NIC receive all possible frames, including errored
+frames (such as bad FCS, etc). This can be helpful when sniffing a link with
+bad packets on it. Some NICs may receive more packets if also put into normal
+PROMISC mdoe.