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-FORE Systems PCA-200E/SBA-200E ATM NIC driver
-This driver adds support for the FORE Systems 200E-series ATM adapters
-to the Linux operating system. It is based on the earlier PCA-200E driver
-written by Uwe Dannowski.
-The driver simultaneously supports PCA-200E and SBA-200E adapters on
-i386, alpha (untested), powerpc, sparc and sparc64 archs.
-The intent is to enable the use of different models of FORE adapters at the
-same time, by hosts that have several bus interfaces (such as PCI+SBUS,
-or PCI+EISA).
-Only PCI and SBUS devices are currently supported by the driver, but support
-for other bus interfaces such as EISA should not be too hard to add.
-Firmware Copyright Notice
-Please read the fore200e_firmware_copyright file present
-in the linux/drivers/atm directory for details and restrictions.
-Firmware Updates
-The FORE Systems 200E-series driver is shipped with firmware data being
-uploaded to the ATM adapters at system boot time or at module loading time.
-The supplied firmware images should work with all adapters.
-However, if you encounter problems (the firmware doesn't start or the driver
-is unable to read the PROM data), you may consider trying another firmware
-version. Alternative binary firmware images can be found somewhere on the
-ForeThought CD-ROM supplied with your adapter by FORE Systems.
-You can also get the latest firmware images from FORE Systems at
- Register TACTics Online and go to
-the 'software updates' pages. The firmware binaries are part of
-the various ForeThought software distributions.
-Notice that different versions of the PCA-200E firmware exist, depending
-on the endianness of the host architecture. The driver is shipped with
-both little and big endian PCA firmware images.
-Name and location of the new firmware images can be set at kernel
-configuration time:
-1. Copy the new firmware binary files (with .bin, .bin1 or .bin2 suffix)
- to some directory, such as linux/drivers/atm.
-2. Reconfigure your kernel to set the new firmware name and location.
- Expected pathnames are absolute or relative to the drivers/atm directory.
-3. Rebuild and re-install your kernel or your module.
-Feedback is welcome. Please send success stories/bug reports/
-patches/improvement/comments/flames to <>.