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-NetLabel CIPSO/IPv4 Protocol Engine
-Paul Moore,
-May 17, 2006
- * Overview
-The NetLabel CIPSO/IPv4 protocol engine is based on the IETF Commercial IP
-Security Option (CIPSO) draft from July 16, 1992. A copy of this draft can be
-found in this directory, consult '00-INDEX' for the filename. While the IETF
-draft never made it to an RFC standard it has become a de-facto standard for
-labeled networking and is used in many trusted operating systems.
- * Outbound Packet Processing
-The CIPSO/IPv4 protocol engine applies the CIPSO IP option to packets by
-adding the CIPSO label to the socket. This causes all packets leaving the
-system through the socket to have the CIPSO IP option applied. The socket's
-CIPSO label can be changed at any point in time, however, it is recommended
-that it is set upon the socket's creation. The LSM can set the socket's CIPSO
-label by using the NetLabel security module API; if the NetLabel "domain" is
-configured to use CIPSO for packet labeling then a CIPSO IP option will be
-generated and attached to the socket.
- * Inbound Packet Processing
-The CIPSO/IPv4 protocol engine validates every CIPSO IP option it finds at the
-IP layer without any special handling required by the LSM. However, in order
-to decode and translate the CIPSO label on the packet the LSM must use the
-NetLabel security module API to extract the security attributes of the packet.
-This is typically done at the socket layer using the 'socket_sock_rcv_skb()'
-LSM hook.
- * Label Translation
-The CIPSO/IPv4 protocol engine contains a mechanism to translate CIPSO security
-attributes such as sensitivity level and category to values which are
-appropriate for the host. These mappings are defined as part of a CIPSO
-Domain Of Interpretation (DOI) definition and are configured through the
-NetLabel user space communication layer. Each DOI definition can have a
-different security attribute mapping table.
- * Label Translation Cache
-The NetLabel system provides a framework for caching security attribute
-mappings from the network labels to the corresponding LSM identifiers. The
-CIPSO/IPv4 protocol engine supports this caching mechanism.