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-Kernel driver ics932s401
-Supported chips:
- * IDT ICS932S401
- Prefix: 'ics932s401'
- Addresses scanned: I2C 0x69
- Datasheet: Publicly available at the IDT website
-Author: Darrick J. Wong
-This driver implements support for the IDT ICS932S401 chip family.
-This chip has 4 clock outputs--a base clock for the CPU (which is likely
-multiplied to get the real CPU clock), a system clock, a PCI clock, a USB
-clock, and a reference clock. The driver reports selected and actual
-frequency. If spread spectrum mode is enabled, the driver also reports by what
-percent the clock signal is being spread, which should be between 0 and -0.5%.
-All frequencies are reported in KHz.
-The ICS932S401 monitors all inputs continuously. The driver will not read
-the registers more often than once every other second.
-Special Features
-The clocks could be reprogrammed to increase system speed. I will not help you
-do this, as you risk damaging your system!