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- HiSax is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
- it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
- the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
- (at your option) any later version.
- This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
- but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
- GNU General Public License for more details.
-However, if you wish to modify the HiSax sources, please note the following:
-HiSax has passed the ITU approval test suite with ELSA Quickstep ISDN cards
-and Eicon Technology Diva 2.01 PCI card.
-The certification is only valid for the combination of the tested software
-version and the tested hardware. Any changes to the HiSax source code may
-therefore affect the certification.
-Additional ITU approval tests have been carried out for all generic cards
-using Colognechip single chip solutions HFC-S PCI A for PCI cards as well
-as HFC-S USB based USB ISDN ta adapters.
-These tests included all layers 1-3 and as well all functional tests for
-the layer 1. Because all hardware based on these chips are complete ISDN
-solutions in one chip all cards and USB-TAs using these chips are to be
-regarded as approved for those tests. Some additional electrical tests
-of the layer 1 which are independent of the driver and related to a
-special hardware used will be regarded as approved if at least one
-solution has been tested including those electrical tests. So if cards
-or tas have been completely approved for any other os, the approval
-for those electrical tests is valid for linux, too.
-Please send any questions regarding this drivers or approval abouts to
-Additional information and the type approval documents will be found
-shortly on the Colognechip website
-If you change the main files of the HiSax ISDN stack, the certification will
-become invalid. Because in most countries it is illegal to connect
-unapproved ISDN equipment to the public network, I have to guarantee that
-changes in HiSax do not affect the certification.
-In order to make a valid certification apparent to the user, I have built in
-some validation checks that are made during the make process. The HiSax main
-files are protected by md5 checksums and the md5sum file is pgp signed by
-KeyID 1024/FF992F6D 1997/01/16 Karsten Keil <>
-Key fingerprint = 92 6B F7 58 EE 86 28 C8 C4 1A E6 DC 39 89 F2 AA
-Only if the checksums are OK, and the signature of the file
-"drivers/isdn/hisax/md5sums.asc" match, is the certification valid; a
-message confirming this is then displayed during the hisax init process.
-The affected files are:
-Please send any changes, bugfixes and patches to me rather than implementing
-them directly into the HiSax sources.
-This does not reduce your rights granted by the GNU General Public License.
-If you wish to change the sources, go ahead; but note that then the
-certification is invalid even if you use one of the approved cards.
-Here are the certification registration numbers for ELSA Quickstep cards:
-German D133361J CETECOM ICT Services GmbH 0682
-European D133362J CETECOM ICT Services GmbH 0682
-Karsten Keil
-Version: 2.6.3i
-Charset: noconv