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@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ HDIO_DRIVE_TASKFILE execute raw taskfile
if CHS/LBA28
The association between in_flags.all and each enable
- bitfield flips depending on endianess; fortunately, TASKFILE
+ bitfield flips depending on endianness; fortunately, TASKFILE
only uses bit and ignores all other bits.
The end result is that, on any endian machines, it has no
effect other than modifying in_flags on completion.
@@ -720,7 +720,7 @@ HDIO_DRIVE_TASKFILE execute raw taskfile
[6] Do not access {in|out}_flags->all except for resetting
all the bits. Always access individual bit fields. ->all
- value will flip depending on endianess. For the same
+ value will flip depending on endianness. For the same
reason, do not use IDE_{TASKFILE|HOB}_STD_{OUT|IN}_FLAGS
constants defined in hdreg.h.