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+EDT ft5x06 based Polytouch devices
+The edt-ft5x06 driver is useful for the EDT "Polytouch" family of capacitive
+touch screens. Note that it is *not* suitable for other devices based on the
+focaltec ft5x06 devices, since they contain vendor-specific firmware. In
+particular this driver is not suitable for the Nook tablet.
+It has been tested with the following devices:
+ * EP0350M06
+ * EP0430M06
+ * EP0570M06
+ * EP0700M06
+The driver allows configuration of the touch screen via a set of sysfs files:
+ allows setting the "click"-threshold in the range from 20 to 80.
+ allows setting the sensitivity in the range from 0 to 31. Note that
+ lower values indicate higher sensitivity.
+ allows setting the edge compensation in the range from 0 to 31.
+ allows setting the report rate in the range from 3 to 14.
+For debugging purposes the driver provides a few files in the debug
+filesystem (if available in the kernel). In /sys/kernel/debug/edt_ft5x06
+you'll find the following files:
+num_x, num_y:
+ (readonly) contains the number of sensor fields in X- and
+ Y-direction.
+ allows switching the sensor between "factory mode" and "operation
+ mode" by writing "1" or "0" to it. In factory mode (1) it is
+ possible to get the raw data from the sensor. Note that in factory
+ mode regular events don't get delivered and the options described
+ above are unavailable.
+ contains num_x * num_y big endian 16 bit values describing the raw
+ values for each sensor field. Note that each read() call on this
+ files triggers a new readout. It is recommended to provide a buffer
+ big enough to contain num_x * num_y * 2 bytes.
+Note that reading raw_data gives a I/O error when the device is not in factory
+mode. The same happens when reading/writing to the parameter files when the
+device is not in regular operation mode.