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-Kernel driver i2c-ali1535
-Supported adapters:
- * Acer Labs, Inc. ALI 1535 (south bridge)
- Datasheet: Now under NDA
- Frodo Looijaard <>,
- Philip Edelbrock <>,
- Mark D. Studebaker <>,
- Dan Eaton <>,
- Stephen Rousset<>
-This is the driver for the SMB Host controller on Acer Labs Inc. (ALI)
-M1535 South Bridge.
-The M1535 is a South bridge for portable systems. It is very similar to the
-M15x3 South bridges also produced by Acer Labs Inc. Some of the registers
-within the part have moved and some have been redefined slightly.
-Additionally, the sequencing of the SMBus transactions has been modified to
-be more consistent with the sequencing recommended by the manufacturer and
-observed through testing. These changes are reflected in this driver and
-can be identified by comparing this driver to the i2c-ali15x3 driver. For
-an overview of these chips see
-The SMB controller is part of the M7101 device, which is an ACPI-compliant
-Power Management Unit (PMU).
-The whole M7101 device has to be enabled for the SMB to work. You can't
-just enable the SMB alone. The SMB and the ACPI have separate I/O spaces.
-We make sure that the SMB is enabled. We leave the ACPI alone.
-This driver controls the SMB Host only. This driver does not use